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    You dont want it if your creation is being claimed by other people, right? Plagiarism act is indeed a fatal intellectual property right crime. Art world which develops very quickly demands us to protect artwork from the artist and writer from artwork theft formed in plagiarism.

    This problem can cause the artwork from artist and writer not to be recognized. In order the artist and designer are recognized in their beneficial artwork for the society, copyright and patent are created to protect the creators.

    As an example the case that happens in society is the piracy of software which always becomes problem in our country and of course there are other cases in society. Therefore, copyright is very important in creating an artwork.


    To prevent the similar thing to happen continuously, to support the contributors to creative industry, government creates an award program which named Anugerah Kekayaan Intelektual Luar Biasa (AKIL Extraordinary Intellectual Property Grant) Year 2014 and supported by 5 Ministries such as Kementerian Riset & Teknologi (KEMENRISTEK Ministry of Research and Technology), Kementerian Hukum & HAM (KEMENKUMHAM Ministry of Law and Human Rights), Kementerian Pariwisata & Ekonomi Kreatif (MENPAREKRAF Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy), Kementerian Perdagangan (KEMENDAG Ministry of Trade), & Kementerian Pertanian (Ministry of Agriculture).

    The purpose of giving this grant is to create societys culture to create and appreciate intellectual artwork as well as creative and innovative culture in order to improve the national competitiveness. There are four categories that will be given in this award, those are:

    Patent categoryPlant variety protection categoryCopyright in science field categoryIndustry design, art copyright, performance artwork and interactive game category
    In this program government does not only give an award certificate but also money worth for Rp. 250,000,000 (two hundred and fifty million rupiahs) including tax that will be given to each winner for 15 creative industry contributors. Its worth to remember that the suggestions must be delivered at least on 22 August 2014 on 04.00 pm. For those who want to know further information and get guide book for this award program can visit this website.

    Hopefully with this kind of program, plagiarism act in Indonesia can be reduced and government has to act firmly to the plagiarist so that the artwork for people in creative industry can be protected and recognized.

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