Already Official, Gamer Village Will Be Fully Supported by AMD

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    Gamer village, Cyber Caf which is planned to be a gathering place of the athletes and e-sports athlete to be is finally official. Saturday, 9 August 2014, GamerVillage located in Mangga Dua Square 2nd floor Hall A no 16-18, Jakarta is officiated by several related parties, such as PT Digitalife Nusantara the founder, AMD which becomes the chosen technology of this Cyber Cafe, Mr. Onno W. Purbo, one of well known IT experts in Indonesia also attends.


    We see that the chance of gaming center development in Indonesia is very good, this is proven with the increasing gamer amount in Indonesia. The development game center as Cyber Caf is not only from quantity but also the increasing quality of the used product so it gives different experience. The AMD technology in GamerVillage establishes AMD as technology provider who is able to satisfy gamers and help Cyber Caf managers in giving the hospitable game center, said Ryan Sim, AMD General Manager for ASEAN.

    PT Digitalife Nusantara chooses to cooperate with AMD to give different experience in playing game by inserting AMD APU technology to all gaming PC provided in GamerVillage.


    Gamer Village will be new platform for the gamers, both casual and professional to dig their skill into e-sport world in a hospitable environment and interact with gamers.

    Cyber Caf that opens for public is planned to give some playing package prices. It is also told that GamerVillage is also completed with modern device and use direct dedicated fiber optic network to guarantee the internet connection stability. With the support of AMD APU and Radeon, it is ensure to give synergic CPU and GPU architecture balance in a single APU chip.

    AMD has best chosen technology for gamers. AMDs experience in showing the best technology has established AMDs position as qualified technology chosen by gamer with affordable price. We hope this cooperation can help e-sport industry in Indonesia so that in the future GamerVillage can reach all regions over in Indonesia, said Hendri Andrigo, PT Digitalife Nusantaras Marketing Director.


    Meanwhile Mr. Onno W. Purbo also officiates GamerVillage and hopes such big Cyber Caf will be established in other places. Onno doesnt forget to state that the local game should be inserted into Cyber Cafs game list in Indonesia.

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