CasCon Asia 2014: Knowing Mintsphere Closer, One of the Indie Prize Champions!

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    <p><img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-149453" alt="Mintsphere" src="" width="800" height="533" /></p><p>Of all many Indonesian developers who participated in last Indie Prize Casual Connect Asia 2014 event, there are some names that succeeded bringing home the titles. One of them is Mintsphere with its <em>Trigger Princess</em> game, succeeded to get title in Most Promising Game in Development category. It means that the judges from Indie Prize consider that Trigger Princess as the most promising in the future when its being released.</p><p>Of course this title has triggered the Mintspheres spirit to complete and release the game which is already in the development stage for about these two years. <em>Trigger Princess</em> offers a unique genre, RPG one button which means you only play this game by using one button, from deciding, arranging the strategy to using item. Trigger Princes is more like evolution of <em>Trigger Knight</em> which they released couple years ago, where you will play as a fragile princess but she is helped by many troops to explore the levels.</p><p>In the break time last Indie Prize Showcase Casual Connect Asia 2014 event, Duniaku had chance to interview Wilson Tjandra, Art Director from Mintsphere who came by himself to represent Mintsphere in this Indie Prize Showcase. To Duniaku, Wilson stated his impression during participating in Indie Prize Showcase and the title meaning for them and <em>Trigger Princess</em>.</p><img class="size-full wp-image-150033 " alt="" src="" width="800" height="518" /><p class="wp-caption-text">One of the visitors plays Trigger Princess</p><p>Duniaku (D): Congratulation for the winning. What is the titles meaning for Mintsphere?</p><p>Wilson (W): There are many meanings. At least, our game is at least being acknowledged! Because we try to make game with new mechanic and of course it needs approval form the player. However if the approval comes from Casual Connect judges, the feeling is so Wow!</p><p>D: For Mintsphere, what is the impression after participating in Casual Connect Asia?</p><p>W: The impression from Casual Connect For me this event really helps to get many channels that are not reachable before. Now at least they are reachable for us who are still little.</p><p>D: What is the lesson that can be learnt from this participation?</p><p>W: The lesson is, whatever event it is, just try it. Its better to try than just staying still, daydreaming and complaining by yourself. The one who assesses is other people, not us!</p><p>D: Maybe.. Is there any impressive opinion from the visitor about Trigger Princess?</p><p>W: The most impressive opinion from the visitor is their enthusiasm! Turns out the game we create is able to attract their attention, moreover from the Japanese.</p><p><img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-150034" alt="" src="" width="668" height="533" /></p><p>D: When will it be released?</p><p>W: If everything goes well, we hope to release on June 2014 <img src="" alt=":D" class="wp-smiley" /> </p><p>D: Is there any suggestion from the visitors about this game?</p><p>W: Of course there are many suggestions so we need to improve this and that</p><p>D: Thank you for the time, wish Mintsphere success and we wait for the Trigger Princess release!</p><p>W: You are most welcome!</p>

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