Celebrate Independence Day by gaming in JGJ48 #Merdeka!

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    After succeeding in holding Jogja Game Jam 48 Hours (JGJ48) on last September 2013 and becoming an initiator of Global Game Jam 2014 event holding in several cities in Indonesia, Jogjakarta game developer community or more popular with Gamelan asks you again to develop game in a Game Jam. This time, JGJ48 uses theme #Merdeka (Independent), to commemorate Indonesian Independence Day on next 17 August 2014.

    JGJ48 #Merdeka this time will be held starts from 15 August 2014 on 5.00 pm and ends exactly on Independence Day celebration, 17 August 2014. Similar with previous Game Jam in Jogjakarta, this JGJ48 #Merdeka will be held again in Jogja Digital Valley, Kartini Street No. 7 Sagan, Yogyakarta. For those who havent known, in this JOGJ48 #Merdeka you will collaborate with other participants to create a game in 48 hours. Later, listed participants will be divided into several groups formed in before the game jam starts. Therefore, you will later meet and collaborate with new friends, who will enlarge your friend networking with other developers.


    Based on FAQ published in its official website, committee still gives no participant quota limit about the participants who can join this event. Regarding the game theme that will be created, committee will announce it before the game jam starts, which of course will improve challenge for the participants. Whatever the participants background is, they are allowed to join this event, whether they are programmer, artist, or composer.

    Interested to celebrate independence with creating a piece that can be proud of or even can be released into market? Register yourself soon to join JGJ48 #Merdeka through this link! If you are curious with how the situation in previous JGJ48, you can check the documentation back in this page.

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