ElariaRO - from small beginnings come great things.

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    A new Ragnarok Online Server with English, German, Spanish and Italian Support.
    Rates: 7x7x10x

    ElariaRO aims to combine the old Ragnarok-Feelings with the new Features that Ragnarok has to offer.
    We are also going to make your playing time more enjoyable with many Events and small Surprises.

    The Game Master Team consits out of innovative Ragnarok-Oldies, with whom you are going to have a lot of fun with.
    If you have any Questions or need any Support, we will gladly help you out as quick as possible.

    Have we gotten your interest? If so, pay us a visit and enjoy the Time with us!


    - Serverrates: 7x EXP 7x JEXP 10x Item/Carddrop

    - No EXP-Loss penality at death
    - Max. Level: 99/70 (Rebirth)
    - No 3rd Classes, no Renewal-Mechanics
    - Useful self-created NPCs
    - Webshop with useful Items that will make the playing Time much more enjoyable but are not to overpowerd
    - ElariaRO Gold- Coin-System (Currency for the Webshop.)
    The Currency will also be dropped from In-Game Mobs
    (Usage of webshop even without any kind of Donation possible)
    - Mining-System and Fishing System
    - ElariaRO Newbie-Starter-Package 1x each Account
    - Kafra City Teleportation Service
    - Dungeon Teleportation Service
    - Stat- and Skillreset Service
    - Card Reset/Remover Service
    - Free Healer in Prontera
    - Custom Quest Master
    - @commands
    - Special Refiner
    - Stylist
    - Custom Maps
    - Events
    - Dead Branch Room
    - New slotted Midgears
    - Same Sex Marriage​


    Gunakan jasa Rekber N3 untuk menjamin jual beli anda atau menghindari penipuan dengan meng klik disini
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