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    Hello everybody!

    Have you ever played the game which has the combination of action, shooting and racing games? Today, want to talk about Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, an exciting game in all over the world.

    This game was produced basing on a true story and it said about San Andreas, a member of Carl Johnson gangs, he came back from Liberty City to Los Santos after receiving that his mother was assassinated, and the family is in chaos. Throughout the game, CJ gradually discovers the plot behind his mother's death.
    The gameplay of gta is also simple including the elements of the third- shooting view and racing games, which brings a new experience to players. You can control a variety of vehicles, including cars, buses, motorboats, planes, helicopters, trains, tanks, motorcycles and bicycles. Moreover, you could use two guns at once to increase their firepower. And due to the large size of San Andreas when playing game gta, you can also mark a certain place on the map to get there more easily.
    In addition, we want to talk to you some features helping this game becomes more and more popular:
    • An action role- playing game with interesting and attractive gameplay
    • The unique graphics and sounds
    • The character can swim, claim which doesn’t have at gta game before
    • The latest model transportations
    • The diversity vehicles systems stimulating the players can conquer them.
    Apkly also provides some specifications of gta san andreas android in order that you can know clearly about this game and completely believe us:
    • Latest version: 1.08
    • Type: action, racing and shooting
    • Publish Date: March 21, 2105
    • Author: Rockstar games
    We are happy to talk to you that this game is free of charge, you are no need to pay any fees to download game. By click here you can explore the great game!
    Let’s enjoy the game and don’t miss it!
    Download Link:

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