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    <p><img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-130860" alt="Tantra Online 2" src="" width="600" height="310" /></p><p>Lets have a cheer as <em>Tantra Online 2</em>, the sequel of <em>Tantra Online</em> (released on 2004), had released its Alpha Test since 24 December 2013. Developed by Chinese developer CC Joy and published in Indonesia by VTC Online, <em>Tantra Online 2</em> brings you several new features. Lets check it out!</p><p>Auto Battle: A feature that enable Tantra Online Players to activate battle system automatically without manual</p><p>Mount: Mount is used as transportation means used by <em>Tantra 2</em> character</p><p>Pet: in <em>Tantra Online 2</em>, Pet wont only be just there. In this game, our pet can assist us in a battle. Each pet has a specific skill set and level that can be raised up until level 99.</p><p>God Battlefield: A feature that enables battle between two gods worshippers. The winner of the battle will get rewards in honor point and permitted to enter certain dungeons. This feature is available every Thursday and Saturday.</p><p>God Equip: this feature enables us to level up our weapon until the highest level, level 11.</p><p>Social & Marriage: As the name suggest, our characters can get married in <em>Tantra Online 2</em></p><p>Macro: A feature that enable gamers to hunt automatically</p><p>Auto Route System: A feature that enables our character to automatically moves to the destination point.</p><p>Other than the new features, <em>Tantra Online 2</em> also offers Daily Event feature that updated daily at VTC Onlines official webpage. So if you have gotten your Alpha Test ID from VTC Online, you can directly download and play the game since the Alpha Test phase will be ended on 30 December 2013. SO GAMERS, PLAY IT NOW..!!!!</p> <p class="dvk-social-sharing"> Bagikan on Twitter on Facebook on Google+ </p>

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