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    Forsaken RO

    Server Info
    # Base: 6000x
    # Job: 6000x
    # Drops: 100% (MvP/Miniboss cards drop at 10%)
    # Uptime: 24/7
    # Open WoE castles: Valkyrie (prtg_cas03)
    # PvP Maps: Normal Room (accesable to anyone) Non-Donation Room (Donation gears not allowed)
    # Player Kill: Enabled
    (tp ada beberapa item drop yg dihilangkan such as gold, gokurin, etc)

    Main Features:
    * Stylist: Customize your character even further with over 500+ clothes palletes, 30+ hairstyles and 100+ hair colors!
    * Valkyrie Exchanger: Change the color of your Valkyrie Helm to one of your liking. It's free and safe!
    * Ticket Exchanger: Save your Berries, Seeds and EDPs in a comfortable way and allow yourself to trade lots of them!
    * Broadcaster: Let the server know you're buying, selling or trading an item or simply look for your friends with it!
    * Universal Rental: All the possible rentals in one NPC!
    * Warp Agent: Warp yourself anywhere!
    * Stat Reset: Change your stats anytime! Trial and error make a good option to come with creative and strong builds.
    * @commands: Type @commands for a full list of player commands. These commands enable players to inform themselves about mobs and drops.
    * Events: ForsakenRO offers daily events for our players to obtain powerful gear. Not only that, but also Event prizes (Event coupons) Anyone dedicate enough can become someone in ForsakenRO!

    * Custom Quests: ForsakenRO periodically adds new innovative quests to keep their userbase entertained. Items obtained from said quests are highly usable for everyone!
    * Custom Headgears: Customize your character with even more variety! These items also offer neat effects for use in PvP!
    * Custom Fields and mobs: 6 original fields filled with mobs that you've never seen before!
    * Custom Hometown: A treasured memory for old school RO players. Old Payon is back with new NPCs!
    * Custom Subclass: Become an elite of your class and gain access to power beyond your wildest dreams!
    * Custom Skill mods: Skills have been redone to match the expectations ofa high rate server. Any class can participate at their fullest at PvP/WoE!

    Forum: forum.forsaken-ro.net
    Main Site : forsaken-ro.net

    Gunakan jasa Rekber N3 untuk menjamin jual beli anda atau menghindari penipuan dengan meng klik disini

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