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    Nama Software My Personal Server Poketibia PDA + Client

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    Kegunaan My poketibia server together with the client.
    NEVER posted this in not a place, there are similar, but this is unique
    for those not familiar is a OTServer with the base of tibia however with Pokemon.
    is difficult to explain, but that server and client that are perfect! they do not have bugs that I know, is stable to run online, have he has worked with a base called PDA made by someone who should the credits but can not remember his name. It's such a perfect base to 2 years I've been editing and updating it because I did not find one on the internet not as good as this.
    I will name a few things present in it:

    - Pokemon 1st and 2nd Generation and others added by me
    - Fly, Ride, Surf, teleport with the pokemon 100%
    - 100% Shinys
    - Many quests, legendary etc.
    - All outlands
    - Camera System to show for their friends
    - System clans and ranks of the elements
    - Pokedex
    - Invasions, events.
    - System of Tasks
    - Duel pvp and Gymnasiums
    - And others

    PS: SCAN 0/62 by

    Cara Pakai Within the compressed folder has files from the server and the client folder.
    before opening the server is necessary that you set the ips. is very simple, in the root folder in the file "config.lua" search for, and change to your ip (internal to play on the internal network or the external ip to open online.) and the client file in Client Pokemon /Modules/client_entergame/entergame.lua also search for and change. PS: It is important to know that to run on the internal network, use the internal ip in 2 files, NOW FOR ONLINE, put the external ip in config.lua and the internal ip in entergame.lua, or will not get into the server.

    To open the server, run the Pokemon Purify file [Open] .exe

    Once opened you will have to create your password, if you want to use the GM is 222/222
    to create a new one:
    - Enter the client without padding the password space and accont name
    - Enter the account mananger and follow these steps:
    1 Type: account
    2 Enter: your chosen password (password)
    3 Enter: yes
    4 Enter: your account (account)
    5 Type: yes
    6 Deslogue and login to your account created
    7 Enter the account manager again and type "account" and then "character"
    8 Enter: the name of your character and then enter yes
    9 Type: male to male and female to female
    10 Deslogue of your account and log in again.

    Download link

    Scan Virus

    Credits The base of the PDA server developed by Someone who can not remember the name, I downloaded this based on, it included the developer.
    and all other changes were made only for me.

    Saya setuju dengan aturan N3 dan ingin naik ke Level 1 atau hanya berbagi, saya memberikan jamu (crack) atau perangkat lunak / software buatan sendiri ini kepada members N3 yang bisa dipakai oleh beberapa members N3 yang memerlukannya dan memperbolehkan merubah tanpa mengurangi credits kepada saya. Yes
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