PewDiePie is Satisfied and Scared After Reviewing DreadOut

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    <p><img class="alignnone size-full wp-image-147785" alt="PewDiePie" src="" width="1600" height="900" /></p><p>Do you still have no courage to play <em>DreadOut</em>? Its natural, maybe, because there are many reviews released give scary impressions from this game. also gives review that at least makes the readers curious, but feels scared at the same time given how scary the ghost is in the DreadOut.</p><p>To eliminate the curiosity, you should watch the review from PewDiePie which is actually not less scary. Although being fast forwarded or cut, the scary part still exists in the PewDiePies review. However for those who want to feel the excitement in playing DreadOut, you shouldnt watch this review.</p><p>PewDiePie divides the review becomes three parts and the last part is the ending of DreadOut act1 story. Previously we have known that this gamer from Sweden have reviewed DreadOut demo and the comment is very positive. Now he has reviewed this game until the end and the video was uploaded before the DreadOut released. It proves that he is one of the enthusiastic backers to wait this Digital Happiness.</p>
    <p>Firstly in the video, PewDewPie seems observing the prologue of the DreadOut story. While tweeting to comment about the dialogue among the characters in that game, PewDiePie is so relaxed playing the beginning part of the game. PewDiePie also laughs occasionally because f the jokes from Indonesia (which he surely doesnt understand).</p><p>Entering the main game in the second video, PewDiePie has looks very ready with the ghost that will shock him because the situation is similar with demo. And Piggy! PewDiePie looks happy meeting the pig ghost before we finally runs back because we are chased by that pig. Although he often jokes in playing, PewDiePie doesnt want to die in the game he plays. In this part, he also gives assessment to Lindas phone that becomes particular gimmick from DreadOut.</p>
    <p>After running away from Piggy, PewDiePie gets Jenglot. We dont know whats on his mind, he suddenly sings with the word Jenglot. Maybe its his way to lose his fear because from the very beginning PewDiePie doesnt like the mysterious sound which appears every time he finds something. And like Duniaku.nets review, PewDiePie also shocks with the ghost that suddenly appears in first mode person (hahaha).</p><p>Until the last part of PewDiePies review video, he starts to find many difficulties. We dont know how many times he restarts his game because of death and gets into Limbo or how many times he spins around to find the way pout because the clues given is very minimum. However he succeeds to complete this game with satisfying face and admits that DreadOut is both scary and not easy to complete.</p>
    <p>PewDiePie also comments that he likes the style from DreadOut and hopes for the longer story. Some notes maybe can be improved by DreadOuts developer in next update.</p>

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