Playstation 4 Interview: Astrid Alifia Ramadhina

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    <p style="text-align: justify;"><img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-134204" alt="" src="" width="448" height="336" /></p><p>During her busy time organizing the PlayStation 4 (PS4) Indonesian debut launching event on 9 January 2014, Sony Product Marketing MDR IC Recorders and Game Business Astrid Alifia Ramadhina squeezing her time to sit with us and talk about this latest Sony console.</p><p>There are so many gamers out there that are still puzzled over PS4s price in Indonesia. How much is the official price decided by Sony Indonesia?</p><p>There are two different prices, for PS4 bundled with PS Camera is Rp 7,399,000 while the PS4 without camera is Rp 6,999,000.</p><p>The announced price by Sony for PS4 is USD 399. Why there is significant price difference between Indonesia and the announced price, even when compared to several other Southeast Asian countries such as Malaysia that sold PS4 for RM 1799 and Singapore that sold it for SGD 636?</p><p>There surely is price difference since we have to include tax, duty, etc in the price.</p><p>Is there any official warranty from Sony if the PS4 we buy turned out to be broken? What is the warranty coverage?</p><p>Obviously if the defect comes from the factory, such as when we buy it brand new, use it for the first time and its not functioning properly, you can return it to Sony to get a replacement. However, if its broken after a while, you have to check which part is broken and bring it to the nearest Sony Authorized Service Center.</p><p>What about the Southeast Asia regional guarantee? Is the guarantee also valid for PS4 bought in other Southeast Asian countries, for example bought the PS4 at Malaysia but repaired it in Indonesia?</p><p>It actually covered in my previous answer. However I might add that the prioritized customer is the one buying the PS4 in Indonesia.</p><p>As previously announced, Sony also released the Bundle edition for Battlefield 4, Killzone: Shadow Fall, and several others. Are those bundles released in limited amount?</p><p>Exactly, those are released in a very limited amount.</p><p>Is Sony Indonesia or Sony Asia planning to release other regions bundle in Indonesia?</p><p>There hasnt been any confirmation or plan about it since each region got their specific bundle.</p><p>Still about the bundle, Sony also released PS4 bundle with Sony Bravia LED TV. Care to share to us which TV is best for the PS4 gaming experience and how much is it?</p><p>It actually depends on the person. However, I suggest to choose Sony Bravia LED TV W series, size 46 inch or above. The price is around 12 million Rupiahs.</p><p>Sony also provides PS4 accessories for other Southeast Asian countries. Will there be any price difference with other countries/regions? What about the game and the bundle offer?</p><p>As previously mentioned, the price difference is inevitable. On the game and the bundle offer, we still havent received any new information from Sony or Sony Indonesia.</p><p>Will Sony continue to provide other PS4 games in Indonesia?</p><p>We surely will! However, it all comes back to the schedule and information from the game developers.</p><p>What are Sonys plans to promote those PS4 games?</p><p>We will promote them through various media and of course we will hold a game trial event to test and promote those games.</p><p>What are Sony Indonesias expectations with the PS4 release in Indonesia? Is there any specific target?</p><p>We hope that this console is successfully sold in Indonesia and we also hope that Indonesians can warmly receive the PS4.</p><p>Will PS4 be available in Sonys outlet all over Indonesia?</p><p>A little correction, we didnt call them outlet. The proper term is Sony Center. So far, there are 7 Sony Centers in Indonesia and we plan to have 3 more. However, the exact location for the new Sony Centers and whether they will be available in all over Indonesia will be decided by the head office.</p><p>PS Vita TV was reportedly will be officially released in Singapore on mid-January, will it be released in Indonesia too?</p><p>Correct, PS Vita TV will be released both in Singapore and Indonesia on 16 January 2014.</p> <p class="dvk-social-sharing"> Bagikan on Twitter on Facebook on Google+ </p>

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