Ready to Jump Into IGS 2014, Yukitora Keiji Arrives as Sasha from Winterflame

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    Yukitora Keiji as Marie Rose from Dead or Alive
    Photo by David Winarta

    Yukitora Keiji can be considered no longer strange name for the cosplayers, especially cosplayer from Jakarta. This beautiful girl thats still in High School has been involved in cosplay world, to be precise for five years, started from 2009.

    This girl who was once a model trained ever since she was seven years old is ensured to attend in IGS this year to greet you in Vandaria and Artoncode booth as Sasha from Winterflame! Indeed, a booth game will not be complete without booth babe and this time Yukitora Keiji is ready to greet you in an event that will last from 15 to 17 August 2014 next week!

    This pretty girl who is not yet 17 years old turns out multi talented! Besides being a model once, she is also taking acting, singing and &cing class when she was not yet 10 years old. Yukitora also admits that she likes to be photographed and loves things about entertainment and fashion as well. The reason why she enters into cosplay world is because she likes animation, comics, movies, drama and game! She also wants to bring her beloved characters alive, thats why she tries cosplay and finally she feels very satisfied with her activities in this world.

    Yukitora Keiji as Keiji Maeda female version from Sengoku Basara
    Photo by Izzah Nyanko

    Besides cosplaying as female, Yukitora admits that she likes male character cosplay and she is also a person who chooses very well the character to be cosplayed because if she is doesnt know that character very well she will feel less into it. Yukitora also does many things to resemble the character she wants to cosplay out, for example if the body is thinner, shell go on a diet, if the body is muscular she will train her muscles out, what a totality!

    Well, for IGS 2014 this year, Yukitora will arrive as a character from new title as collaboration between Vandaria and Artoncode, Winterflame. She chooses smart Sasha as character to be cosplayed because she feels challenged towards a character like Sasha.

    This is the costumes progress of Sasha thats made by Yukitora, very detailed!

    Yukitora tells us that so far she never plays any character like Sasha who is smart in playing words. She also admits that it maybe several hours before IGS, she will be able to finish all details from her costumes! Sashas small figure also becomes the main choice for Yukitora and she herself looks forward to cosplay Sasha perfectly later in IGS!


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