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    PT. Megaxus Infotech gives the new game again to Indonesian gamers. Maybe it can be told that it s the old game with new taste. From 27 August 2014 to 1 September 2014, PT. Megaxus Infotech will do Closed Beta Test (CBT) for its newest online battle &ce game, that is World In AyoDance or abbreviated as WIA.

    Similar with the already popular game from Megaxus, AyoDance, World In AyoDance brings the latest musical and &ce game completed with social features which enable player to search new friends from all over Indonesia.


    Besides the new concept, Megaxus will make this game as one of its mobile games, with the name of Wold In AyoDance Mobile or abbreviated as WIAmobile which enables World In AyoDance played in tablet and smartphone with Android and iOS operating system.

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    However, this time World In AyDance only can be played in PC when the CBT time is on. To welcome CBT World In AyoDance, Megaxus has prepared many events with a lot of prizes to players who participate in CBT World In AyoDance. You can check those events in its official website.

    As introduction, these are the features you can get in World In AyoDance game:

    Abun&t social features, World In AyoDance will be completed with WIAmobile which enables player to chat or group chat with other players using PC, tablet or smartphone.Besides played in PC, WIAmobile enables World In AyoDAnce played in tablet and smartphone.Every player has private room that can be decorated as cool as possible to impress their friends who are visiting the private rooms.Various &ce mode choice with many difficulty level can be chosen with players desire, so this game is suitable to be played by a beginner or a skillful player.The various song choices, both foreign songs and local songs with various genres like Pop, R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz, Rock, and many more.The detailed graphical characters display and many cool and funny accessories enable player to create the characters look.The broad and interesting world where the player can interact directly with other player while shopping or hanging out in the waiting room.Player can show the expression with many funny emoticon choices.For those who already have been couples, there are Mode Wedding Party and Love Party which surely have cool display.And other interesting features.

    Curious with those features above? You can register yourself first in and if you already have the ID you can download the World In AyoDance game installer in the same website or order free DVD by filling out the form in this following link.

    Dont forget to join other players in World In AyoDance Facebooks fanpageand follow its Twitter.

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