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    Server Status: Test Server - OBT at 5 July (GMT+7).
    Welcome to RF Demetris 2.2.4 RPG Server!
    ---[International Server]---
    [New ID Register]
    Get Premium Service 3 Days
    Get Cash Coin 30.000
    [Premium Service System]
    Get Talk Jade
    Get Premium Elem
    Get Premium Weapon and Armor
    Get Premium Generator
    [Server Rate]
    Max Level : 55
    Sell Rate : x5
    Exp Rate : x8 non premi / premi x16
    PT/Skill Rate : x10 non premi / premi x20
    Animus Rate : x15 non premi / premi x30
    MineSpeedRate : x15 non premi / premi x25
    ForceRate : x10 non premi / premi x20
    All Weapon/Armor/Shield/Etc Max 55
    [Cash Shop]
    All item active except Hisy Potion
    [Additional System]
    Auto Cash Regen *100/minute
    [Convert System - Website Login]
    Convert PVP Point to Cash Coin
    Convert Dalant/Disena/CP to Premium Service
    >>> Website & Register <<<
    ----Official Client----
    Mega.co.nz : mega.co.nz …
    Mediafire.com: mediafire.com …/gh1uma4p3cq…/RF+Demetris+
    ----Golden Patch for all RF Private Server Client (2.2.3/
    Mega.co.nz: mega.co.nz …
    Mediafire.com: mediafire.com …/Golden+Patch+RF+Demetris+
    ----Patch only for RF CCR Client (RF Indonesia lvl 66)----
    Mediafire.com: mega.co.nz …
    ----Please using 7zip Extractor----
    --------------------- IN GAME RULES ---------------------
    1. Cheat not allowed!
    2. chat mode /RACE, /ALL, /BUY, /SELL, /MAP must using english language!
    3. chat mode /GUILD, /PARTY, OR MULTIPLE CHAT allowed using any language.
    4. please respect other player
    Play and Fun!

    Gunakan jasa Rekber N3 untuk menjamin jual beli anda atau menghindari penipuan dengan meng klik disini
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