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    RF Howl - Semi PvP Servers
    Version :

    ---------------- RATE SERVER ---------------

    -Max lv 66
    -Exp 1000x
    -Drop 20x
    -Animus 5000x
    -Mining 20x
    -Mail & Auction Off
    -No Over Power Char
    -All PT Skill/Force GM
    -All Quest Off
    -Free Get Caliana Neckale 30 + Armor For New Player
    -Active Staff And Friendly All Staff RF Howl
    -Event Every Week And Month
    -Ready But With Gold Point And PVP Point
    -Gli dan Beam 500 Juta/Slot
    -Cprotector HackShield

    Kill PvP up to 500
    Max PvP 10.000

    ----------------Information NPC---------------

    -All Potion At NPC Cash Shop
    -All Scrol MAP At NPC Foreign Vendor
    -All T5 At NPC Upgrader
    -Armor Superior+6 At NPC Armor Howl
    -Armor Lordness+6 At NPC Armor Howl
    -Armor 50-70 Rare B At NPC Armor Intense
    -Armor Council+4 At NPC Hero
    -Weapon PVP+6 At NPC Weapon PVP
    -Weapon Relic 45+6 At NPC Relic Howl
    -Weapon Relic 60+6 At NPC Relic Howl
    -Weapon Golden+6 At Npc Weapon Golden
    -Weapon 50-65 Rare B At NPC Weapon Intense
    -Shield 50-70 Rare B At NPC Shield Intense

    ----------------Information Drop----------------

    Young Flym : Gli/Beam/Rian
    Wing : Legacy Blade,100% Recovery Exp
    Flym : Elemental Reds Roar[Low]
    Great Kurl : All Rune
    Curr : MAU Bleshing
    Hoom Baba : All Talic
    Caliana Archer : All Stable 6-7 B
    Caliana Crue And Atrock : All Talic
    Kukra Patrol : Excel A,B,C
    Narom Patrol : Gli/Beam/Rian
    Narom Captain : Caliana Neckale
    PB Belphegor : Boster Golden
    PB Elan : Box Elemental HDH
    PB 3D And Izen Cracker : Elemental Reds Roar[High]
    PB Thor : Elemental Reds Roar[High]
    PB Ringleader At OC: Weapon Leon 40 High
    PB Draco At BM : Weapon Leon 40 High
    PB KweleSocom : Gold Capsule 1-3.000,Gold Bar
    PB Golden Pig : Gold Capsule 1-6.000,Gold Bar
    PB Jetso At Sette : Pot Anti Stigma,Snow Pray,Gold Capsule 3.000,Gold Bar
    PB Doom Crasher : All Boster Grade 50,Gold Capsule 3.000-10.000,Gold Bar
    PB Sealed Belphegor : Gold Capsule 3.000-10.000,Gold Bar

    ------------------ RATE INFO ------------------

    1-2 100 %
    2-3 90 %
    3-4 80 %
    4-5 70 %
    5-6 60 %
    6-7 25 %
    ---------------- SYSTEM WAR ------------------

    Win : 5000
    Failure : 3000
    Lose : 1000

    ---------------- EVENT LIST ------------------

    Event Chip Breaker
    Event Cafe Warnet
    Event Pit Boss
    Event Find GM
    Event Kill GM
    Event First 66 tiap race
    Event First Council Kiri
    Event 3 vs 3
    Event Guild

    --------------- OFFICIAL LINK ----------------

    Website : http://www.rf-howl.com/
    Forum : http://forum.rf-howl.com/
    Register :http://rf-howl.com/
    Download :http://rf-hwol.com/download
    Groups :https://www.facebook.../groups/HowlRF/

    Gunakan jasa Rekber N3 untuk menjamin jual beli anda atau menghindari penipuan dengan meng klik disini
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