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  1. sevenblass Pra TK Level 1

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    Rf GigaByte Full Pvp
    Max Lv : 66
    Drop : 20x
    Exp : 7000x
    All PT Skill GM
    Buff Skill 5.000 Sec
    New System War Add ons Item And PVP Reward (If Win And HMS'n)
    Enable Status Chip All Player
    No Over Power Donation
    Non Donation Legal +7 (If You Lucky Brad)
    New Charakter Get CN And GoldPoint
    Pvp Points 25.000 After Relogin Lv 40
    High Rate Tempa
    High Rate Pvp Killers
    Balance Damage All Jobs
    Fix Damage MAU,Isis,Spec

    List NPC
    ;NPC HQ
    Armor 35 - 65 Slot 7
    Armor 35 - 65 Rare +7
    Weapon 35 - 65 Slot 7
    Weapon 35 - 65 Rare +7
    Shield Rare +7
    Weapon Donatur +7 in Pvp points
    Weapon High Slot 7 in Gold Points
    Elemental Medium GigaByte In Gold Points
    Elemental High (Ser Def/ Ser Hind) In Pvp points
    Leon 40 High +7 In Gold Points

    ;NPC Mid Sette
    All Cash Shop Potion,Dual OD,JadeLv,Portal PB in Gold Points
    Shield High Elven And Shield Donation Green +7
    All Talic And T5 in Gold Points

    ;NPC White Hole
    Armor Donation GigaByte Slot 6 + 0 in Pvp Points

    Rate Drop
    Young Flem = Beam And Gli
    Wing = Weapon Legacy Blade
    Flem = Pil Exp 100%
    Digger Clan (A) = Ammo Spec

    Draco = Leon 50 Slot Random
    All PB Elan = All Rune And OD 70
    Pit Boss 3D = Elemental High Acurasi, Gold Point 10.000 And CN

    ;Volcano Area
    Belpheghor = Scream Mask Lv 50 Slot Random
    Great Curr = Boster Aiming And Blood Grade 50
    Hoom Baba = Gold Point 3.000
    Giant Baba = Mau Bleesing

    Naroom Captain = Full Moon Box
    Kukra Adjudant = Gold Point 5.000
    Kukra Captain = Armor SS High GigaByte Slot Random
    RingLadeer PitBoss = Anti Stigma Lv 1-3. Blood And Aiming Boster Grade 99

    High Elf Archer = Caliana Neckacle


    Gunakan jasa Rekber N3 untuk menjamin jual beli anda atau menghindari penipuan dengan meng klik disini
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