Touchten Games: Story Behind Collaboration with KakaoTalk Through Jumpin Apeach

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    <p><img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-150067" alt="" src="" width="800" height="525" /></p><p>As we reported before, Touchten Games confirms their collaboration with KakaoTalk, one of big instant messaging companies from Korea. This cooperation is shown in a game, <em>Jumpin Apeach</em> which is developed by Touchten for that platform.<em> Jumpin Apeach</em> is very special because besides it is the first game from Touchten and Indonesian developer developed for Kakao, this game is also the first game which promotes official mascot from KakaoTalk, KakoFriends as the characters.</p><p>In the middle of Casual Connect Asia 2014 event that was held in Singapore on last 20 to 22 May 2014. Duniaku had the chance to interview Anton Soeharyo, CEO of Touchten Games who became the one of speakers in the event. Anton told many stories from the collaborations background between Touchten and KakaoTalk to what they want to achieve in the future with that collaboration. Check the interview below!</p><p><img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-149373" alt="jumpin-1" src="" width="924" height="520" /></p><p>Duniaku (D): Can you tell us a bit, how did the collaboration with KakaoTalk start?</p><p>Anton Soeharyo (AS): We have acquainted with KakaoTalk team for a year. And when the time came to collaborate, naturally we directly proposed our game idea and we carried it out.</p><p>D: What is the expectation by collaborating with KakaoTalk?</p><p>AS: We know that this isnt only collaboration for one game but there are some games with KakoTalk, not only in Indonesia but also in Korea and abroad. That is our expectation and this kind of relationship that I want to maintain.</p><p>D: Where do you get the inspiration for this <em>Jumpin Apeach</em> game?</p><p>AS: From our own game which titled Panda Adventures. However, Jumpin Apeach is more colorful and cooler, of course.</p>
    <p>D: What kind of collaboration that is done between Touchten with KakaoTalk during this game preparation?</p><p>AS: KakaoTalk supports us both in offline and online event, and KakaoTalk kindly gives many gifts for our game users. KakaoTalk also kindly helps us in doing QA and game making process well. We learn much from this big company like KakaoTalk.</p><p>D: In the future, will Touchten release more games for KakaoTalk after this Jumpin Apeach?</p><p>AS: Hopefully and of course it is our expectation.</p><p>D: Regarding the Online to Offline (O2O) platform owned by Touchten, how far is the achievement?</p><p>AS: So far we have 75.000 registered users with 400-600 redemptions per day. Our platform from one game has reached 25.000 Daily Active Users.</p><p><img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-149278" alt="touchten-4" src="" width="800" height="533" /></p><p>D: Platform made by Touchten gives reward mostly for merchant available in Jakarta, how about the players in the other regions?</p><p>AS: Our merchants are also available in the whole country, such as some popular e-commerce companies.</p><p>D: Can you give us any information about what kind of innovation implemented in that platform in the future?</p><p>AS: In the future, we also want to reward the user that invite their friends to download our game, like affiliate referral award system. Of course, as gamer, our platform can also be used to challenge your friends in this game. And there is funnier leaderboard system.</p><p>D: And are there any games that currently prepared for that platform?</p><p>AS: There are 9 more games that will be launched this year, wait or the date!</p><p>D: Later, will Touchten integrate the old games from Touchten like Train Legend or Ramen Chain into that platform? </p><p>AS: Its already in the process and the answer is yes. Actually Train Legend has started.</p><p>D: Thank you for the time. Wish success for collaboration between Touchten and KakaoTalk and also the new platform!</p><p>AS: You are welcome!</p>

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