Watch Game Developer Arek Suroboyo (GADAS) In Action at SAGE 2013

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    <p><img class="aligncenter size-large wp-image-131765" alt="SAGE 2013" src="" width="640" height="478" /></p><p>Last weekend, Surabaya Animation and Game Expo 2013 (SAGE 2013) took place at Surabaya Town Square. The event part of Surabaya Sunday Market can happen thanks to the huge support from Surabaya city government. There are so many students participating in SAGE 2013, from middle school kids to high school and vocational school kids. The rule is simple, create a game or animation in a very short period to show them at SAGE 2013 and enter the competition.</p><p><img class="aligncenter size-large wp-image-131768" alt="SAGE 2013" src="" width="640" height="478" /></p><p><img class="aligncenter size-large wp-image-131767" alt="duniaku-gadas-4" src="" width="478" height="640" /></p><p>The theme for SAGE 2013 is Lawan Keterbatasan (Break the Limit). Participants were only given several days to finish their creation before entering the two-day competition at Surabaya Town Square. Other than the competitions, SAGE 2013 also offers a string of activities, such as seminar about game developing by Radik from Elven Games and showcase from Game Developer Arek Suroboyo (GADAS) a community for game developers at Surabaya and its neighboring cities.</p><img class="size-large wp-image-131771" alt="SAGE 2013" src="" width="478" height="640" /><p class="wp-caption-text">Surabaya Mayor, Tri Rismaharini, playing games with a kid at one of GADAS booth</p><p>This showcase is optimally utilized by Surabaya-based game developers to showcase their game creations. Some of them are: Artlogic Games (Sugar Tales), IPlayAllDay Studio (Kung Fu Quest: Jade Tower Survival), Dolanan Games (Detektif Jamal/DJamal), Maulidan Games (Galaxy Evo, HQ Guardian, Momentumz Clouds), Elven games (Chase Burger, Durian Revenge 2, Kamikaze Cat, Lost Bird, Phantom Imperial, Wonderland CosaNostra), Mojiken (Vamps Revenge, Heroes of Tiktakavya), and AryadiSubagio (Three Blockie, Cindys Candy).</p><p><img class="aligncenter size-large wp-image-131766" alt="SAGE 2013" src="" width="640" height="640" /></p><p>This showcase draws attention both from SAGE 2013 and Sunday Market visitors. Even Surabaya Mayor, Tri Rismaharini, visits the showcase booth too. She expresses her full support and said that this is a very positive event. Other than showcasing games, several developers also sell their game merchandise. One of them is Mojiken Studio that sells plush toys, postcard artprint, totebag and sticker from their soon-to-be-released games, Vamps Revenge and Heroes of Tiktakavya.</p><p><img class="aligncenter size-large wp-image-131769" alt="SAGE 2013" src="" width="640" height="640" /></p><p>After going through a tough selection process, the winners are:</p><p>Middle School Category: Animation</p>3rd Winner : SMP Negeri 72nd Winner : SMP AlamInsanMulia1st Winner : SMP Negeri 3<p>Middle School Category: Game</p>3rd Winner : SMP Negeri 72nd Winner : SMP Negeri 31st Winner : SMP Al-Hikmah<p>High School/Vocational School Category: Animation</p>3rd Winner : SMK Negeri 122nd Winner : SMK Negeri 121st Winner : SMK Negeri 12<p>High School/Vocational School Category: Game</p>3rd Winner : SMK Negeri 42nd Winner : SMA Negeri 181st Winner : SMA Negeri 5<p>The game showcase from GADAS not only to add more fun to the event, but aimed to be the motivation for the students participating in the competition to make better creations in the future. SAGE is planned to be an annual event with the full support from Surabaya city government.</p><p>[Photos Courtesy of Eka Pramudita Muharram]</p> <p class="dvk-social-sharing"> Bagikan on Twitter on Facebook on Google+ </p>

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