Welcome the Dizzel Reloads New Character With Event

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    You have known that Dizzel Reload just did update by adding one new character that cant be more sadistic. Angel Vendetta is that new character, with the appearance of Vendetta of course there will be special event to welcome it.

    Welcome Back, Mid-Season Bazaar, Glorious Atten&ce, and Girl Show are the event names that you can participate. For those who finish this event will get weapon and other in-game prizes.

    One of the events also grants Punisher the Angel Vendetta character freely. Welcome Back event enforces you the Punishers that have not logged in for two weeks or more between 1 July s/d 31 July 2014 and login again on 07 20 August 2014, automatically will get one Angel Vendetta characters (7 days) with terms:

    Only character that has never logged into Dizzel Reload Game for a month between 1 July s/d 31 July 2014 who can get prizeCharacter must login at least once between 07 August 20 August 2014Character who doesnt log in from before 1 July cannot join this eventPrize will be delivered directly into each winners storage on 21 August 2014 after maintenance

    Meanwhile Girl Show event is an event that must be done with your Facebook. The procedures and complete information of other events can be seen in this link.

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