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    ayo gabung ramaikan server filipina malaysia indonesia low rate gm bersahabat :)

    Welcome To XeRo Ragnarok Private server

    XeRO is a free customized low rate private Ragnarok Online server originally released in 2007 it has been offline for some time but now it is back

    Its a pre-renewal server with hundreds of custom items , pets , and hairstyles there is hundreds of events held by GMs every month

    = Balanced Server =

    Main Town : Louyang

    Server rates: 5%/5%

    Normal/MVP Card: 10%/5%

    Drops: 17%/5%

    Max level: 99/70

    Stats: 99 Aspd: 193

    = Npc List =

    NPC Warper
    NPC Healer
    NPC Linda [Free Item]
    NPC Job Changer
    NPC Reset Girl
    NPC Stylist
    NPC Platinum Skill
    NPC Universal Rental
    NPC Wise Old Woman
    NPC Headgear Quest
    NPC Branch Quest
    And More Etc

    = WoE Schedule =

    Monday 7:00-9:00
    Wednesday 7:00-9:00
    Friday 7:00-9:00
    Sunday 7:00-9:00

    = Freebies =

    Andre Card 3x
    Pupa Card 1x
    Raydric Card 1x
    Headgear Quest 1x

    You can choose one of headgear

    Website :

    Register :

    Fanspage :…/Xero-private-ragnarok-online-server/310286672394868

    Forum :

    = Downloads Lite Client - Kro Full Client =

    Mediafire :

    From :

    More links will be added soon make
    sure you run your autopatchers to prevent any errors

    = In Games Rules =

    Botting Not Allows

    Speeder Not Allows

    Hacking Not Allows

    Spamming Skill Not Allows

    = Lets Play And Join We In XeRo RAGNAROK =

    Gunakan jasa Rekber N3 untuk menjamin jual beli anda atau menghindari penipuan dengan meng klik disini
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    game apa kak?

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