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Quest Script Generator

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13 Jan 2008
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Quest Script Generator
Made For Ragnarok Online Private Servers

**Version 2**
- Advertisement Free
- Lists NPC Directions (0-8)
- All Dialog is Now Editable

Download Quest Script Generator:
Quest Script Generator

NPC ID's :


What does this tool do?

The instructions are simple, click Start and enter the information. Click Start again if you need to go back and edit it again without restarting. Click Restart to start over. Click "Copy to Clipboard" and paste the script in a WordPad document and save it as a TXT file.

What does this tool do?

This tool generates a script for a five item quest which includes the ability to easily type in plain text messages what will quickly generate a full item hunt quest in a matter of a couple minutes.

This speeds up the process of creating quest scripts, and since you can copy and paste the script to a text file you can easily edit things to your liking for more advanced script additions.

Do not remove the credit comment created at the top of the script.

Screenshot of the premade quest script generated using this tool:

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Credits To Zairik @ eAthena

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