Analysis of World's Video Game Growth 2013

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    <p>Video game industry has been developed very rapidly in this last ten years. Industry which is firstly associated with children game has evolved to become all age ranges entertainment industry with tens of billions dollars value. This makes video game industry very calculated, this article will analyze the growth of world’s video game growth.</p><p>The growth of video game industry firstly is monoplozied by both hardware and software developers of video game in US, Japan and Europe. Fast technology’s progress and global era create easiness for those to involve and enter the global market. Even in Indonesia, many video game software developers, both application and platform has been found.</p><p style="text-align: center;"><img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-134711" alt="Analisa Industri Game Dunia" src="" width="602" height="464" /></p><p>A lot of talented Indonesian developers, good market response both from local side and international makes Indonesia quickly becomes one of countries considered in video game industry. At first Indonesia‘s video game industry market has been occupied by foreigners from the high console sale (although most of game that time were pirated), online games made abroad brought by local companies or multinational companies, also game applications in smartphone and tablet which are easily downloaded in any platform. This condition forces local developers non to be specialixed with double standard by the consumers. They need to compete with foreign developers directly on any video game media. The result is local developers directly are forced to enter global market and prove their existence to the whole world.</p><p>With the platform’s opening in smartphone, tablet and next generation consoles, Indonesian developers must be ready to move forward to larger market. This article will explain the growth of video game globally, both from sales side and future’scondition prediction that will happen.</p><p style="text-align: center;"><img class="aligncenter size-full wp-image-134532" alt="World's Video Game - Market" src="" width="575" height="197" /></p><p>In one of Gartner’s studies on October 2013, annual video game industry’s growth rate is mentioned at 18.3% globally. They even predict that this rate will increase to USD 128 trillion later on 2017. The rapid growth is predicted to happen on all video game platrform, except PC and handheld.</p><p>Check the analysis of mobile segment growth in next page.</p>

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