Info Memwall will soon launch on Southeast Asia with Create Myth on official site on August 6th

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    Memwell Group Limited will bring the brand new mobile game of English version, Create Myth, to Southeast Asian countries, including Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia, Philippine and Indonesia. It will launch on the official site on August 6th.


    Memwell Group Limited is a company from Hongkong, publishes and being an agent for mobile games, also owns thousands of players. In 2015, Memwell will inroad into Southeast Asian with high quality mobile games, such as Create Myth, the first mobile game agented by Memwell towards the Southeast Asian market, will launch soon. Do you want to know more information of Create Myth? If so, just follow me to the introduction below.


    Create Myth is an adaption from Qidian Platinum Net-writing, Fairyland Legendis an 3 DRPG action game built by U3D engine. Players will travel through time and space, enter into heavens, retrace the regions south of the Yangtze River, start the journey and be the king to unify the world.


    1. Zhai Zhu rewrote the plot and adapted the 5 million words into the mobile game.

    In the novel, the author Zhai Zhu has built a great world for us, with various characters and intriguing plots. How fascinating it is! To have players experienced the glamour of the Create Myth, Zhai Zhu worked together with the game planners and spent 9 weeks in rewriting the scripts. It was adapted based on the original novel that player would have a time travel to the Mysterious Zone, and experience Jiangnan's adventure. As the game proceeds, the main roles of the novel will also appear and interact with players.


    2. Fantastic 3D visual feast to recreate the Create Myth world.

    Maps in the Create Myth are based on the novel settings, including the magnificent Xuantian Faction, the desolate Imperial Battlefield. Intermingled with the hand sketching, U3D engine successfully build the aesthetic scenes, fully representing the visual shock of destroying the world with the God Divinity skills in the novel. Each skill is well-designed based on the novel, bringing the strongest and coolest visual feast to all players.


    3. Originated from the novel, thrilling, exciting and appealing

    Most of the creative features in the game are stemmed from the novel. The Immortal Platform, War Arena, and Bloodline are created out of line with traditional game settings. Besides, the growth settings are totally referred to the novel, including Refinery Realm, Lv. 8 God Divinity and Royal Realm. The Spirit Disaster System also enables players to challenge the nine Heaven Mending Treasures. The creative talisman system and 5-Element Talisman are energetic. The smart and cute apprentice carrying pets also makes the multiple elements battle system fantastic both in attacking and defending.


    Announcement: Create Myth will set off to Southeast Asia and launch on official site on August 6th. OBT will start soon. If you are interested in the game, please notice the news published next time.

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