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    Join project for better RF Online services (PC GAME - MMORPG).

    Learn why we have good features for you and worth to play on our RF Online now!

    You can Choose your RF ONLINE GAMEPLAY STYLE on below briefs:
    1st Server Project: RF-LEAGUE that located on using DOMINANT BASIC GAMEPLAY of RF-Online but mixed sensationally with our developer modification and new update features! Will be using same with OFFICIAL SERVER LEVEL CAP (66).

    2nd Server Project: RF-EXTREME that located on using FREESTYLE GAMEPLAY of RF-Online mixed as extreme game with our developer modification and new update features! Will be using OWN SERVER LEVEL CAP (95-120) with own works of 3rd New Profession Classes, New Expansion Maps, Monsters, Items and many more!

    Choose your style and join our community globally on below briefs:
    Each Server Project will be establish on nearest requested country by our community vote and staff research. The first region established on Singapore region for both project LEAGUE (EARLY OCT 2014 and EXTREME (MID DEC 2014).

    Play both project or Play on every available region world servers ONLY USING ONE ACCOUNT! ONE GAMING CLIENT! EACH PROJECT LAUNCHERS with ONE GIANT COMMUNITY!

    You also can sell your gaming account/items across regions using our FORUM or MARKETPLACE!

    Our MMORPG is about Dominant PvP and PvE on our services below briefs:

    -Your account will be WAY PRECIOUS due to "Account Rebirth Level" and region server connected and enhance by many integrated tool such as (Item Marketplace and etc).

    1. The Top Way to get GODLY item/gears/equipments/weapons/elementals is only by EVENTs

    2. The Second Way to get MIGHTY items/gears/equipments/weapons/elementals is on Rebirth Mall using Rebirth Points (You can't buy RP from developer/publisher because you have to rebirth your top level character to get Rebirth Points)

    3. The Third Level Way to get STRONG is on Donation Mall using Donation Points but you only find Premium Service, Stable Box Upgraders and Consumption Points here BUT NOT gears/equipments/weapons or elementals!

    Notice: You can get Stable (100%) Upgraders Boxes on Donation Mall (by using DP) OR get Unstable (36%) Upgraders Boxes on In-Game SHOP (by using CP) but don't worry failed upgrader will only destroy your related upgrader.

    4. The Fourth Level Way to get STRONG without spend more your MONEY is using In-Game SHOP using Cash Point (CP), Forge, Hunting and any other normal in-game activities.

    Enjoying our RF Online Updates by developer gameplay design with New Unique Features ever on below briefs:
    ----New Massive!
    ----New Level Cap & New Items
    ----New Special Units
    ----New Maps
    ----New Monsters
    ----New Chipwars
    ----New PvP
    ----New 3rd-Classes
    ----New Skills
    ----New NPC
    ----New Forge
    ----New Loot
    ----New Race Leader
    ----New Ranks
    ----New Shops
    ----New Points
    ----New Rebirth
    ----New Tournament
    ----New Tools
    ----New Donation
    ----New Premium Service
    ----New Marketplace
    ----New Storage
    ----New Wiki
    ----New Protect
    ----New Interactions
    ---New Supports
    ----New Events

    The Choice is TOTALLY YOURS!

    Gunakan jasa Rekber N3 untuk menjamin jual beli anda atau menghindari penipuan dengan meng klik disini

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