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    Now we are developing PvP online multiply system. Please wait for it!

    A 3D real-time strategy game (RTS) with simple controls! Create the most powerful army and emerge victorious!

    A real-time strategy game based on events from the Gallic Wars.(Rome)
    Over 100 different friendly and enemy units launch a fearsome battle onscreen.
    Several dozen unique units (swordsman, spearman, etc), along with actual military commanders from history!

    Deploy a range of skills to seal your victory.
    Also includes a card game and RPG elements!
    Collect rare cards to train and power up your units.

    *Note: For the initial release, the game balance may be subject to change as we tweak it.

    Version: 2.5.0
    File size: 17.77MB
    Requires: Android 2.3+
    Developer: Hitorixon
    Category: Strategy
    Download here:


    Gunakan jasa Rekber N3 untuk menjamin jual beli anda atau menghindari penipuan dengan meng klik disini

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