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    In IP.Board 3.x, we have a setting group where you can specify some global advertisement HTML. You can enable and disable advertisements, and you can specify code to insert into the header and footer of the page. For the forum index, forum listings and topic view pages, you can override these header and footer ad codes, and you can specify advertisement code to insert into a couple of other areas specific to those pages. If you install IP.Nexus, this setting group redirects you to the IP.Nexus advertisement control panel where you can effectively do the same thing, but with a few more options (including click and impression tracking, advertisement image uploading, automatic cutoffs for advertisements, and more).

    We felt that the entire system and process was too basic when IP.Nexus was not installed, and too disorienting once you do install IP.Nexus. This setting group suddenly redirects you to another application and configuring the advertisements is an entirely different experience prior to installing this application.

    Subsequently, we have done the only logical thing and consolidated the two systems and improved the functionality.
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