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    Vendetta Gaming Network is proud to announce the launch of Twin Saga Vendetta! We will be hosting this game and providing awesome future custom content and a great experience for this awesome game. We hope everyone will come along and enjoy the game with us!

    Main Website:
    Game Website:

    Beta will start as of now and will run for 1-2 weeks (depending on progress). We do have some things to fix as we are converting from TW -> EN.

    All players who participate in beta will also be given free items when we launch. Information on what the items will be available before live launch. Also remember new players will also get a starter pack full of great goods as well as the beta rewards so come along and help us launch this awesome game!

    Current client is around 70% done in translating we have a team working on finishing the rest in time for live launch.

    Rates are subject to change during beta depending on possibly how easy/hard the game may be.

    Server Specs:
    Custom Content
    We've been doing wonders at Eden Eternal and we intend to do the same for Twin Saga. We're already working on great ideas and we will preview them on our forums as time goes on.

    Our Plans for Twin Saga
    We've always been fair to our community and we intend to run Twin Saga the same way we've ran all our games. Balanced rates enough to keep you happy, cheap prices, constant content and listening to our playerbase. Your opinion matters so please let us know anything and we will take it on board and meet you in the middle.

    We are not money motivated and our decisions are based on YOU the players.






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