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    Scheduled Opening Date: 15 May, 2015
    Requirement to Open: 3 registered WoE guilds


    • Rates: 40/40/30
    • Quest rates 40x
    • Normal card drop rates 30x (0.30%), miniboss card drop rates 5x (0.05%)
    • MVP card drop rates 1x (0.01%), including Ghostring and Deviling
    • MVP item drop rates 10x

    • 99/70 Transcendent, 99/50 Pre-Transcendent
    • 99 maximum base stat
    • 190 maximum ASPD
    • Instant cast: 150 DEX
    Other Information

    • Server time: PST (GMT -8), DST
    • Episode 13.3 BiFrost
    • Content will be updated up to Scaraba Hole and BiFrost. Both will be entirely readjusted for pre-renewal stats and drops based on the difficulty level of existing mobs in the New World.
    • Battlegrounds 2.0 to be released 5 days after server release (Conquest, Rush, TDM).
    • WoE FE/SE to be released 14 days after server release. Time will be decided amongst staff and guild leaders.
    @go, ReTurNReTurN, loadload, TimeTime, @jailtime, @uptime, @refresh, @autorefresh, @aloot, @autoloot (redirect to aloot), @mobinfo, @monsterinfo, @mi, @iteminfo, @ii, EXPEXP, @rates, @showexp, @showdelay, @whodrops, @whereis, @autotrade, @at, @changeleader, @invite, duelduel, @leave, @accept, @reject, @commands, @noask, requestrequest, @hominfo, @homstats, @feelreset, mailmail, @noks, @myinfo, createcreate, @join, @exit, @whosell, @homtalk, @pettalk @security, @guildskill, @order, leaderleader, @reportafk, @listenbg, @bgranked, @bgregular, @joinbg, @bg, @storage2, @gstorage2, @healer, @hatredreset, @invasion, @preserve

    Custom @commands
    restockrestock - Restocks based on settings saved with @restockmanage.
    @hatredreset - Resets Star Gladiator Hatred.
    @preserve - Removes the Stalker skill Preserve, replacing the removal NPC and allowing mobile changing of Plagiarism skills. Only works in maps flagged as towns.
    @battleinfo - Shows information about player interaction with foes.
    @go bg - Warps to the Battle Arena.
    @joinbg - Joins the Battlegrounds queue.
    @listenbg - Allows the player to no longer be able to see Battlegrounds broadcasts.
    @branch - Functions as the standard Branch Room Warper NPC. Allows the creation of a Dead Branch Room exclusive to either a party or guild.
    @branch warp allows you to instantly warp to your first available room.
    @healer - Toggles buffs to on/off for the Healer NPC.
    @storage2 - Same as @storage, but allowed in towns.
    @gstorage2 - Same as @gstorage, but allowed in towns.
    @invasion - When on a town map and a Monster Invasion is active, warps the player to the active Monster Invasion map.

    • Healer - Buff toggle via @healer (5,000z, level 95+). Upon clicking the Healer for the first time, it will inform you of @healer. The Healer will allow manual toggling as well, if not enabled. Healer will buff a character who is below level 95 for free. Healing costs are free.
    • Warper - Towns, Dungeons, Fields (1000z, level 95+). Maps with MVP spawns are not available for warping.
    • Tool Dealer - Includes every common NPC sold item that players may desire easy access to, along with all arrows.
    • PVP NPC - Chat room will lie overheard stating how many players are in the main PVP room. There are four rooms - Standard, No Buff, No Potion, and GVG Modified. Emergency Call cannot be used on the GVG Modified map.
    • WoE NPC - Provides information and free warps to WoE maps during WoE times.
    • Battlegrounds Recruiter - Allows you to warp to the Battle Area or join the BG queue. You may simply use @go bg and @joinbg.
    • Reset NPC - Level 1-94: 50,000 for stats, 50,000z for skills, 75,000z for both; level 95-99: 150,000z for stats, 150,000z for skills, 250,000z for both.
    • Job Changer - Automatically provides platinum skills as well, including Bioethics for Alchemist/Biochemist.
      When reaching 99/70 transcendent class, the Job Changer will reward the player with a headgear unique to their class.
    • Card Removal NPC - The standard card removal NPC can be found in the Prontera refinery to de-card compounded equipment.
    • Rental NPC - Distributes Peco Pecos, Falcons, and Carts for free.
    • Login Commands NPC - Automatically sets commands when upon login.
    • Restock Manager NPC - Allows the configuration of restock settings and lists.
    • Guild Master Changer - Changes guild guild leader to another member of a guild. This may not be used during WoE hours. Costs 3,000,000z.
    • Dead Branch Room Warper - Dead Branches and Bloody Branches will be disabled from all areas except for branch rooms. Branch rooms are free to create and will be instanced for an hour.
    • Costume NPC - Converts a headger into a costume, giving your character the appearance of that headgear regardless of what headgear they may be actually wearing. If a blank costume is wished to be used, 3,000,000z and no headgear is required and an Invisible Headgear item with no sprite will be created. Costuming an owned headgear costs 1,500,000z and removing a costume tag costs 3,000,000z.
    • Voting Redeemer - Redeems account-bound voting points.
    • Donation Redeemer - Redeems donation items.
    • Event Coin Shop - A variety of headgears, consumables, boxes, etc will be made available through the event coin shop.
    Instance Dungeons are dungeon runs that are exclusive to your party, with primary examples being Endless Tower and Nidhoggr's Nest, official instances. VividRO offers a plethora of custom instances in order to provide more challenge to the game, increase access to headgears and other equipment, and grant valuable EXP. The following instances are planned for implementation PRIOR TO OPENING, unless stated otherwise. Re-entrance will be enabled. However, the cooldown will remain.
    • Niflheim Instance (difficulty: hard)
    • Glast Heim Instance (difficulty: medium-hard)
    • Clocktower Instance (difficulty: medium)
    • Wandering Guardian Instance (difficulty: very hard; future implementation) see: here
    • Voracious Okolnir (difficulty: very hard; future implementation) see: here
    "Re-Renewal" refers to the process of implementing renewal content completely rebalanced for the pre-renewal experience. While renewal content has no place in a pre-renewal server, many servers make the mistake of implementing renewal-exclusive features without regards to the balance of a server. As such, monsters such as those in Scaraba Hole on many other servers posess improper stats, monster AI, and drops. VividRO will implement such content entirely from scratch, and it will be developed in order to provide some additional value to the Ragnarok experience while also including conservative custom content that aims to improve and expand on the PVM, PVP, and WoE experiences rather than alter their respective metagames for the worse. The following official RO maps/mobs are planned for implementation and full rebalancing PRIOR TO OPENING. These are open dungeons/fields and not instance (memorial) dungeons. Therefore, competition for monster spawns may exist.
    • Byalan 6 (difficulty: medium)
    • BiFrost (difficulty: hard)
    • Scaraba Hole (difficulty: hard)
    • Biolabs 4 (difficulty: very hard)
    Monster Invasions will occur on separated maps three times a day, at 04:00, 12:00, and 20:00. A plethora of themed monsters will be spawned in a map, providing great EXP and access to drops, along with a small chance to gain event coins from their drops. When the invasion monsters are cleared, an MVP monster will spawn, and the player to defeat it will be rewarded with a handful of event coins. Players may join Monster Invasions using @invasion. More information will come soon!

    VividRO will be providing a plethora of visual customization features in order to improve on the user experience. Whether through monster drops, the event shop, the voting shop, custom quests, and so on, VividRO will aim to constantly implement new looks for you!

    VividRO Exclusive Headgear Recolors
    A plethora of important or popular headgears have been given multiple colors to increase character customization and improve on visuals. You may click here for more information. More to come!

    Automated Events
    • Poring Catcher
    • Disguise Event
    • Bomb Poring
    • Dice Event
    • Mushroom Finding
    • No Potion PVP Event (coming soon!)
    • Deathmatch PVP Event (coming soon!)
    • King of Emperium (coming soon!)
    Competitive Features
    • MVP Graves are implemented.
    • Reflect Shield and Reject Sword have damaged capped to max HP in PVM environments.
    • All food items now have a weight of 1.
    • Elemental Sword abuse is disabled.
    • +1 stat headgear enchants with a high cost and a very small chance to break the headgear. An expensive token can be used to guarantee that the item won’t be destroyed in the process.
    • Telma will be upgraded into a cash shop in order to make purchasing BG materials simpler from a UI aspect.
    • All donation headgears are accessible in-game through Battlegrounds, quests, or the event shop.
    • Autohotkey (macros) and ROMedic are permitted in Battlegrounds and War of Emperium.
    • Battlegrounds provides a small amount of Vivid Coins for participation.
    • The requirement to join the Battlegrounds is level 90+ transcendent class, with two teams of 5 necessary.
    • Battlegrounds automatically buffs the player with Blessing, Increase AGI, and Soul Link for Soul Linker class only.
    • A Kill Streak announcer is implemented (with sound effects removed).
    • War of Emperium provides custom enhanced castle treasures.
    • God items are not available.
    • PVP and MVP rankings can be found in Prontera.
    • Vivid Coins are dropped by MVPs.
    • Custom buff and status ailment status icons.

    User Experience Features
    • Custom Repeatable EXP Quests (a la Dryad Quest, Alligator Quest, etc) are available.
    • Checks to zeny farming have been implemented in order to keep the economy healthy.
    • Gold Ring and Diamond Ring are now stackable miscellaneous items.
    • Sunglasses [1] and Glasses [1] are accessible through Old Blue Box and Old Purple Box.
    • Costumed equipment may be used by all classes.
    • Upon completing the Guarana Candy quest, multiple amounts can be purchased instead of one at a time. The increase AGI effect of Guarana Candy will be removed to prevent abuse.
    • Dead Branches and Bloody Branches are disabled on all maps.
    • A custom default interfacing skin is used. The usual skins are available as well.
    • Custom tasteful Ragnarok BGM remixes are used for VividRO custom maps.
    • Reduced delay on the Endless Tower instance.
    • Ice Necklace and Sharp Leaf turn-in are reduced to 20x EXP.
    • An @autoloot idle timer is in effect to prevent full AFK farming with a Biochemist. All methods to bypass this system are considered mild botting and are punishable.
    If you have any questions about any of these features, please feel free to PM me here, or ask in our Question and Answer forum.

    Gunakan jasa Rekber N3 untuk menjamin jual beli anda atau menghindari penipuan dengan meng klik disini
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