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    Advertisement PSRO International Only!!
    Cuma boleh ngiklan PSRO International aja... diluar itu thread sebelah.
    dan mohon baca Thread "New Announcement".

    1. Sebelum post, pastikan server yang kamu post belom ada.
    2. Kasih keterangan selengkap-lengkapnya mengenai PSRO itu.
    3. Untuk sclientinfo.xml / data folder / grf / installer ( upload di : sedang diprepare ).
    4. No Flame, No Junk!
    5. Kalo ada pelanggaran:

    Selamat Advertise...!!!


    Gunakan jasa Rekber N3 untuk menjamin jual beli anda atau menghindari penipuan dengan meng klik disini
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    Website : Please sign in/up to view this image/link
    Client : Please sign in/up to view this image/link
    CP : Please sign in/up to view this image/link
    Forum : Please sign in/up to view this image/link

    Server Information:

    Main Language: English

    Base/Job/Drop Rates: 20000x/20000x/500x

    Max Level: 999/150 - Max Stats: 1000 - Max Aspd: 194

    Server Timezone - GMT(-08:00), Location - Dallas Texas

    War of Emperium:
    Saturday 10am-12pm (1000 - 1200)
    Tuesday/Thursday from 4pm to 6pm (1600 - 1800)

    Features of ScytheRO:

    * All Normal Players Have 70+ @commands - Type "@commands" To View All
    * No Overpowered Donation Items
    * Cool Customs - Over 140+ Custom Headgear and Wings
    * Over 100+ Custom Pets - Rare Hatchable Pet Eggs
    * Customized Main Towns and Special Areas
    * Customized War of Emperium (Asgard, Midgard, and Niflheim Castles)
    * Multiple Events Are Held Each and Every Day
    * PvP Class Balance And Cast Delays/Cool Down Rates Without Making Weak Classes
    * Extended Classes (Gunslinger, Ninja, Taekwon, Star Gladiator, Soul Linker)
    * No Perfect Dodge and Several Unbalanced MvP Cards Are Disabled
    * Homunculus Available for Alchemist and Creator Classes
    * Custom Dungeons and Training Areas
    * Customized Maps and Fighting Areas
    * Custom Created Npc's, Monsters, and Boss Monsters
    * Famous Anime, Manga, and Video Game References
    * Quest Warp Agent and Custom Made Item Quests
    * Active Friendly Community and Helpful Game Masters
    * Item Mall, Gold Room, Player Vending Area, and Disguise Room
    * New Additions Added Often!

    ScytheRO Server Rules

    No impersonating Game Masters or Staff or other players
    No inappropriate character or guild names such as racial or foul language names, ascii coded names, or ilili-like names.
    No chat spamming (SPAM: Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages, or repetitive messages)
    No skill spamming or excessive use of skills in a main area
    No advertising websites or other servers
    No more than three accounts are allowed per person
    No more than two auto-trading vends are allowed per person
    No kill stealing (aka KSing, does not include Mvp's unless summoned)
    No looting items dropped by monsters other people have killed without permission
    No profanity, flaming, racial, or offensive language whatsoever
    No harassment of players, Game Masters, or Staff
    No holding up events or ignoring instructions given by a Game Master in an event
    No sexual harassment, sexual jokes, or any talk of adult subject matter
    No botting or any other third party software, regardless of whether it gives an advantage
    No scamming or attempting to scam players
    No "begging" (asking for items or zeny) players, Game Masters, or Staff
    No slander or rumors against Game Masters or Staff
    No sharing accounts or passwords for any reason (not even with a Game Master)
    Do not abuse the @request command (only for reporting broken rules)
    Use "GL" instead of "GM" for guild position titles
    Be respectful to other players and GM's

    Please Note:

    The rules include, but are NOT limited to this list. If you break a rule you could be muted, jailed, or banned depending on the situation. We reserve the right to wipe your account and/or character in the case that you exploit any possible bug or for any reason deemed serious enough. Use common sense!

    Server Password Policy

    Each individual player is responsible for his or her own passwords and accounts. We do not reset, change, or give out forgotten passwords for any reason whatsoever. Either figure out your own password or make a new account. Do not ask GM's to recover your account. There is no way to confirm the person who originally created the account is the same person requesting a password recovery.
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    Website : Please sign in/up to view this image/link
    Client : Please sign in/up to view this image/link
    CP : Please sign in/up to view this image/link
    Forum : Please sign in/up to view this image/link
    Rules Version 1.0

    1. Do not spam text or spells with noticeable effects or use area effect skills in towns if there aren't already blocked.

    2. No chats or venders on the streets of Prontera or any other town, and don't block any npcs wail on the sidewalk.

    3. If you have been found to be abusing bugs depending on the severity of the bug you may be banned. Failure to report a bug may also result in a ban.

    4. No kill stealing. No looting. Dead Branch monsters belong to their respective spawner (Excluding MvP's). If they do not ask for help, don't touch their monster.

    5. Items lost in disconnections will not be replaced, under any circumstances.

    6. Do not repeatedly ask for items/zeny. Do not deal/party/ally/guild spam anyone. Begging for items will usually get you a 30 - 50 minute ban.

    7. Bring clones into pront is not allowed for any reason, if I am online and see them they will be killed.

    8. No advertising of any other private servers will be tolerated in IRC, the forums or in game. I will only take action if it is obvious you are doing so, having a general conversation about other server is currently permitted but frowned on.

    9. No trading accounts/items/zeny for Real Money (in any currency). This will not be tolerated. No one will help you if you are scammed.

    10. Do not have gm or [Nyit-Nyit Team] in any part of your name, or names that resembles my or any other gm's name.

    11. Do not make a character with offensive names that would lead to racism/harassment. Curse words are not allowed. Players who break this rule, will be asked to delete their character, if refused, account will be banned.

    12. Do not do anything that prohibits another players ability to play properly.

    13. Do not ice wall in WoE entrance maps, or ice wall prohibiting a player from reaching a destination, NPC, warp, monster, or anything else. Ice wall is there for you to shield yourself from monsters attacks, not for you to stop another player from moving.

    14. Do not abuse the BC (Broadcasting). This includes harassment, insults and non-sense talking (like revealing your own life). The whole server doesn't need to know about your personal issues or problems with others.

    15. Do not ask to be a GM or Sub-GM.

    16. If you are in the treasure room you MUST autoloot, anyone seen dropping the items for any reason will be kicked, if I continually see you coming in and afking to a point where you drop the items you may be banned. This also includes items from cards that make the mobs drop extra items. Like herbal tea or OBBs you can use the card but the items MUST be autolooted like the boxes.

    17. No dueling in town for any reason.

    All rules are tentative and subject to change at any time.

    About The Server:
    Lets see I started playing RO because of a back problem over two years ago. When I started I was playing on a midrate server and was like ok this is not a half bad game. That server closed for reasons I will no discuses and I moved to a high rate server. I played there for quite a wail. And would still be playing there one the side if they had not wiped again, our nickname for the server was WipeRO due to a large number of wipes in the servers history.
    Wail I was playing there I decided to try out a super high rate server, but it unfortunately it closed one me. So I jumped from super high rate server to super high rate server hoping for one that would stay open for more then a month, but I could not find one. After my year and a half of playing RO servers I felt I would be able to host one and decided to make my own, with the help of some people. We have now been open for over four months and I have no intention of closing the server anytime soon.
    I am constantly looking for new things for the server so that things wont get boring being this is a PVP based server and the main activity is figuring out new ways to kill players in-game. So enjoy the fruits of my labor, and that of my GM staff.

    Quick list of my GMs and myself:
    [Nyit-Nyit Team]:
    MoDog (ME)
    [GM] Artillery
    [GM] Zaknafein
    Event GMs:
    [GM] Deimos
    [GM] Byakuya
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    LunarRO is BACK

    teh legendary lunar server is back!!!!!
    with new lunar team staff with help and buffed from the former Lunar RO owner (thanks Mark for the support and let me continue ur server)

    Rates :

    Base Level Rates: 1,500x
    Job Level Rates: 1,500x
    Item Drop Rate: 5%
    Card Drop Rate: 1%
    Max Base Level: 255
    Max Job Level: 120

    Commands :

    @duel (commands)
    @commands (shows all @ commands u can use)
    @mi (monster info)
    @ii (item info)


    In Town Healer NPC
    Job Change Master
    Mall NPC
    Platinum Skills NPC
    Reset SKill and Stats NPC
    Warp Agent [ Towns / Dungeons by Level. ]
    PVP Room
    MVP Room
    Card Remover
    Custom Quest NPCs including newest kRO headgears, donations

    Custom items :

    Custom cards (naruto card, sasuke card, itachi card, etc.)
    Popular headgears (dragon helm, dowry, traveler, etc.)
    Popular wings (arctic wings, pheonix wings, great evil wings, etc.)

    Some cards and items that we erased to make the server balance (any opinions are welcome) :
    - lhz mvps cards
    - tao gunka card
    - thanatos card
    - incantation samurai card
    - fallen bishop card
    - kiel card
    - randgris card
    - Ifrit card
    - gloom undernight card
    - Bacsojin Card
    - Vanberk Card
    - Isilla card
    - Vesper Card
    - Frus card
    - Ktullanux card
    - RSX card
    - Hodremlin Card
    - ice pick
    - combat knife
    - executioner
    - bloody roar

    Some mvp and mini-boss monsters that we boost their HP :
    Garm, Turtle General, Phreeoni, Amon Ra, Baphomet, GTB, Ghostring, Angelring, Deviling, Stormy Knight.
    Use @mi before you start hunting ^^

    *GTB card effect = reduced 50% of magic damage
    *Emperium HP = 500,000
    *Added "demon" race to Katrinn and Seyren so that priests can train with ME on lhz3 (this is awesome!!!!)

    Others :

    Weekly WOE
    Weekly events
    Weekly PVP tournament
    Weekly interesting and fun events
    Friendly and active GMs (support many languages.currently : English, Indonesia, German)
    Non corrupt GMs (GMs cannot drop or transfer item neither zeny)
    Anti Botter (Permanent IP Bann, better not to try, we're using newest botkiller)

    forum = Please sign in/up to view this image/link

    installer = Please sign in/up to view this image/link
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    Zero-Ro New Ragnarok Private Server.

    You are invited to play on ZeRO! Whether you're a server admin or player, you may want to play here!

    We're using r1274x as of now
    We're level 999/70 - The only server with NO ANNOYING STAT BUG BEYOND 255! And anti-hack NPC!
    Also a working Reset Status NPC!!!

    Server rates - 2500x/2500x
    Drop Rates - 200x cards

    First and foremost,
    We are a max level 999 server, which has a possible max stat of 999 of two stats, and extra 9 points on another. We have @noks feature because we have custom quests, as well as a growing community of high rate lovers.

    This is the only server with a protection NPC and stable antiBOT. Comfortable NPCs like warper everywhere and stylist that has a choice to go back. We have a good choice of graphics as loading screens and stuffs, and we got 87 registered users for the first 6 hours.

    Yep, this server just started now. We need players, who wants to have the following:
    A feel of a really unique server with a fairly pvp system!
    Not all items are based from ratemyserver.net, mostly are nerfed and custom stuffs effects because of our 4 slot/2 slot all item system! - A totally new approach to pvp, probably you may encountered something like this, but we guarantee you, we're all class balanced.
    All efforts of players have QUALITY for we have no bots to ruin the economy, no dupe(cart,storage sh1t or anything), hackers can't do anything to hack accounts with our protection npc.
    WoE everyday!
    Warpers, @noks - no kill steal system, @autolootitem,@whosell, all convenient stuff, even if the players will still have to quest, we have a quest warper for you to not get lost!
    You don't like PK? There's an @killer option to turn on/off PK. But when doing PK, you get a little higher drop rate!

    Player Rules.

    1. Don't Spam.
    2. Don't Beg
    7. Don't Flame or Disrespect other Players or GM's
    8. Don't Cheat or use Bots, or Hacks. (this includes any thrid party program)
    9. Don't use AoE spells or spam any skill in towns or in shops
    (AoE = "Area of Effect" like Storm Gust or Lord of
    10. Don't use GM or Game Master in your nick or title
    11. Don't advertise other servers
    12. Don't bug GM's unless it's VERY important
    (This means dont ask GMs where to level and stuff like that)
    13. Don't scam
    (This means dont say you are selling a choco card and then turn around and sell a coco card, or sell useless items for far over there price)
    14. Speak English when possible, this is an International server so please speak English to GMs and other players.
    (This means you address people in English if you are not sure what languages they know)
    15. Do not swear, or use a swear word to insult a player or GM.
    16. Do not harass other players or GMs.
    17. Do not vend in shops, like the mall, upgrader etc. Also dont block any npc with a vend.
    18. Do not trade ZeRO items for items on other games/servers.
    19. Do not trade ZeRO items for real money.
    20. Assisting others in breaking rules gives you the same punishment.

    WoE Times(type @time):
    Sunday 6-8
    Monday 10-12
    Tuesday 4-6
    Thursday 1-3
    Friday 10-12
    Saturday 16-18

    Nih Server Baru Keluar Bulan May 2008.
    Jadi Masih Dikit yang online tapi menurut2 gw si anak2nya asik2 jadi Lu pada Join aja...
    Sementara ini drop Card Masih 2%.

    Website: Please sign in/up to view this image/link
    Download Link: Please sign in/up to view this image/link
    Forum: Please sign in/up to view this image/link
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    You are probably asking by now, what makes XiRO any different than regular servers? At least, different from official servers.
    Lets start by the basic features.

    Rates are 3x, meaning you get 3 times more experience/drops than on official servers. That is valid for monster experience, quest experience, monster drops (including mvps). These are very challenging rates, but yet very rewarding and satisfying.

    XiRO is hosted on a dedicated box, i wont give out specs for security, but you can be sure it will have very little downtimes, hopefully only downtimes for maintenances. The Database will be saved every minute, and backups created hourly.

    The server counts with support to 500 body colors for all classes, and over 100 colors for hairstyles. So once you get bored of your character looking, just go check the stylist npc and get a new look. These colors will give your character a unique look to stand out in a crowd.

    We got the official homunculus already, thought that is nothing new, on XiRO you will notice a difference, homunculus wont leech the other party members experience like they do on any other server, here they actually help the party instead of giving all the experience to their masters.

    Marriage and Adoptions
    You can get married with your love in XiRO, visit Prontera Church for details. Married couples get special skills to help their beloved one, they can also select a novice or first job character to adopt, which will be shrinked and will recieve many bonus from their parents (and give a few too).

    XiRO counts with newest latest RO jobclasses, come try out a Taekwon boy/girl, Ninja or Gunslinger.

    Cities and Dungeons
    XiRO is updated with RO episode 11.2, having the latest towns and dungeons with their complete monster spawns and drops, just as all official quests and new cards.

    Staff Members
    Both head administrators are very competent on their work, one being an ex-eAthena developer (me) and the other being the biggest contributor of official info of all RO private server community.
    We will be hiring new game masters as necessary.

    Ok, so far this was boring, right? That stuff doesnt catch your eyes.
    So, i show you our Advanced Features.

    Quest System and Quest Log
    The server got 80+ custom quests of all kinds, all of them reward experience, a few reward with equipment, and some reward with special items that boost your skills.
    These quests are scattered all around the world, you can find them anywhere, ranging from lv1 novice quests to lv80 advanced quests. Many are monster killing quests, others are investigation quests, all are fun to do.

    The server counts with an exclusive quest log using official quest window to keep you in touch with your objectives. Check the screenshots bellow for visual examples:
    To access the quest log, simple use the hotkey ALT+U.

    World Map
    You can now access the game worldmap by using the hotkey CTRL+' (key at left of the number 1)

    Official Mail System
    You can send and recieve emails to anyone from anywhere on midgar, you can directly access your mailbox from your friends list and send emails right away. Or check the Mailbox npcs in all towns, to read your emails or send to anyone you want.
    The mail system features a option to send Zeny and a single Item, but you cannot mail any characters from your own account.

    Official Auction System
    Auction System are a special feature that allow you to put your items up to auction-style sales, where higher bidder gets the item, the items can stay in the auction house for 2 days at max, and if no one buy your item, it will be emailed back at you.
    Please sign in/up to view this image/link

    Show Craft
    You can check your % of crafting any kind of items now, it will display as a green message at botton of your screen, the number on the left is the necessary % to craft that item, while the one on the right is the score you obtained, if higher than necessary, you failed to craft that item.
    This feature can be disabled by using the command @showcraft.

    Show Heal
    Now, everytime you use a healing item, you will see the amount healed by that item, just like would show with acolyte's heal skill, this feature obviously is automatically disabled during WoE.
    This feature can be disabled by using the command @showheal.

    Common Events
    A Double Experience Event is taken into effect during all the first day of the month, during this period, all experience gained will be doubled. A good day to start new characters and invite your friends.
    Also, a Double Drop Rates Event is taken into effect during all the 15th day of the month, during this period, all monsters will have their item drops % doubled, a special day to hunt cards and try your luck.
    No Exp-Penalty Event is taken into effect during days 10, 20 and 30 of each month, during that period, you wont lose experience when dying.

    Starter Set Equipment
    This is a serie of basic equipment to help out new characters. Every 10 lvs you will get a Starter Box that when opened give you free equipment with your own name on them (soul bounded), healing potions, and at lv50, an accessory.
    Depending of each class you will get a different set of equipment and items.

    Party Organizer
    There is a special npc located in almost every town center, that helps you finding people to join your group, you can register up for free and your party will be showed there for an hour, you also can pay 1.000 Zeny so your group can be announced to the whole server 3 times, once every 5 minutes. This is really helpfull to find new friends.

    Inn System
    XiRO got a different inn system, while on official servers you pay a fixed value of 5.000 Zeny to heal at the inn, on XiRO you pay a value that depends on your character base level, ranging from Free to novices to 5.000 for a lv99 reborn. Also, merchant's skill discount can be used to obtain fairly better prices.
    Different from all other servers where you have 2 or 3 inns on the 4 main cities, and many towns without inns to rest, on XiRO you will have at least 1 inn per town, so you can always rest to keep up battling.

    War of Emperium & Guilds
    XiRO got official WoE times for now, but are highly possible to change due to users demand. And right now we only have a single castle opened, and more will be opened as the server community grows.
    But in addition, you will see that WoEs will become pretty interesting, since Guild Extension is maxed at lv5 and you can only have 1 ally, and each guild can only conquer a single castle (2 per alliance), making WoEs to be extremelly competitives.

    If you got a merchant and cant let your computer turned on while sleeping, just turn autotrade on using the command @autotrade, your character will automatically logout but your shop will remain at same spot.
    This command has also a variation that works for ChatRooms only, the command @afk

    Tired of clicking to loot? Just activate @autoloot and all monster drops will go directly to your inventory.

    Main Chat
    Got bored? No one is connected on your guild? Tired of killing the same monster for hours and need someone to chat?
    Check the main chat, it is a global server chat channel just like party or guild, but anyone can join and leave easily, can be turned on/off using the command @main and you can use it in 2 different ways:
    1) Whispering "Main" and entering the message normally.
    2) Typing "@main <message here>"

    Other Commands
    @rates: Check the server current rates.
    @iteminfo/@ii: Check the info about a specific item (such as sell price to npcs).
    @mobinfo/@mi: Check most info about a specific mob (stats, drops, element, etc).
    @whodrops: Check which monsters got the highest change to drop the specified item.
    @hominfo/@homstats: Check your homunculus development, intimacy and current stats.
    @noask: Auto-rejects any kind of invites, trade, party or guild.
    @roll: Will randomize a number between 1 - 100 and show the result to all your party members.

    Special Note: This post will be updated with newest features as soon as they get implemented on XiRO.

    More Information
    Visit us at Please sign in/up to view this image/link

    Credit : makanindomie
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    MATRIX RO episode 2
    [PK Server]

    website : www.matrix-ro.net
    cp : Please sign in/up to view this image/link
    forum : Please sign in/up to view this image/link


    - Basic Information -
    Base Experience : 3000
    Job Experience : 3000
    Drop Rate : 1000 (10% on MVP Rare Cards)
    Max Stats: 99
    Max Base Level : 99
    Max Job Level : 50
    Max Base Level (Adv): 99
    Max Job Level (Adv): 70

    - Server Features -
    * War Of Emperium [ the prize is matrix card n any prize ]
    * Novices WOE
    * 7vs7 Tournament
    * PvP Room
    * MVP Room
    * Custom NPCs: Job Master, Warper, Baby Job Changer, Healer, Buffer, Megamall, Rudolf (+10 Refiner), Stylist, Reset Girl, Ultimate Quest NPC, Donation Girl NPC, Quest Headgears and Armor NPC

    - Player Commands -
    @commands - Displays a list of
    @ commands available to the player.
    @whodrops - Show who drops an item (mobs with highest drop rate)
    @uptime - Displays how long the server has been online
    @go - Warps you to a city
    @homevolution - evolve your Homunculus
    @mi - displays Monster infomation

    GM Full Active [ everyday any event ]

    download link : Please sign in/up to view this image/link [tinggal pilih]

    pakek IdRo bisa kok ^_^
    have enjoy d game

    Updating !!!
    nih gue kasih pacth ter baru tinggal DL Please sign in/up to view this image/link
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    Super High Rate ScylioneRO

    Server Informations (Management):

    -Hosted on Dedicated Server not in SHARED hosting or HOME.
    -7.99GB DDR2 (8GigaBytes of RAM)
    -Intel Core 2 Quad CPU
    -Q6600 @ 2.40Ghz, 2.40 GHz
    -HT Speed: 1333Hz
    -0 Lag
    -Weekly MySQL and Database back ups

    Server Informations (Gaming Character):

    -WE USE !commands NOT @commands REMEMBER IT'S "!" NOT "@"
    -Base Exp:80k Job Exp: 80k Drop Exp: 100%
    -Base Maximum Level: 999
    -Job Maximum Level: 170
    -Maximum Stat Normal Character: 900
    -Maximum Stat Baby Character: 999
    -Maximum Zeny 1999999999 (2B)
    -Maximum HP: 6000000 (6M)
    -Bows are 1 handed
    -Guns are 1 handed
    -Complete NPC Exclusively For ScylioneRO
    -An absolute BALANCED SUPER High Rate PVP Server
    -No +127 Cards (Seyren, Odium, Etc)
    -No over 80% Demi Def
    -No 100% Long Range
    -No 100% Magic Resistance
    -4 Slots Everything
    -2 Slots Shield
    -Based on Build PVP Challenge(We don't base our skill with Seyrens and crap. Learn how to be a real High Rate player.)
    -24/7 GMs on duty

    Server In-Game Informations (Non-Player Character: NPC):

    -Custom Quests
    -Custom Items (A real balanced items, no items got status atribute over 10 points i.e. str+20=NO THIS MEANS NO OVERPOWERED CUSTOM)
    -Shopping Mall (With Card Sellers/MVP, Complete Items etc.)
    -GM Status Checker (It checks online GMs. This one doesn't lie)
    -Stat/Skill Seller (Where you can buy Status Points and Skill Points.)
    -Baby Job Master
    -Job Master
    -ScylioneRO PVP Room Ygg/No Ygg
    -ScylioneRO Buffer
    -Level Seller
    -Stylist (Over 600 Palletes and Styles)
    -Quest Boy
    -Save Master
    -Thor +127 Refiner
    -Gold Room (Spawns 500 Golds per Min whenever 500 Golds die)
    -ScylioneRO GM Warper
    -ScylioneRO Event NPC
    -Scylionea: The broken Kingdom quest (Comming soon)
    I swear alot more are not in the list. CHECK IN GAME FOR MORE INFORMATIONS!

    Website : Please sign in/up to view this image/link
    Daftar Di Control Panel : Please sign in/up to view this image/link
    Download : Please sign in/up to view this image/link
    Forum : Please sign in/up to view this image/link

    Kalo kurang lengkap maaf2 yah ^^
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    1500/1500/30%(common card)/2.5%(boss n miniboss card)

    New Malaysia Server!!

    CP : Please sign in/up to view this image/link
    Download and install :
    Mirror 1
    Please sign in/up to view this image/link
    Mirror 2
    Please sign in/up to view this image/link
    Mirror 3
    Please sign in/up to view this image/link
    Mirror 4
    Please sign in/up to view this image/link
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    Sunrise RO SHR
    Server Info
    Rates : 1M/1M/100
    Max Base Level : 750
    Max Job Level : 750
    Server Uptime : 24 Hours / 7 Days

    Server Spec.
    Intel Core 2 1.86GHz, 4 Gb RAM. Microsoft Windows Server 2003 R2, standard Edition.

    Server Features
    Item Mall ( Lngkap bgt, dr mvp card sampe godly item ada :smiley_beer: )
    +30 Refiner

    Working WoE

    Working GoldRoom ( @warp sec_in02 )

    Perfect Dodge [PD] Is Disabled

    View the Changelog here (edited card effects)

    Working PvP Ladder

    Baby classes have trancendant skills.

    Custom Equips ( Headgear, Wings, Mulut : All stat +100, hit +100)

    n More..

    Commands available :

    Just type @commands in da game ( 71 commands there )

    Control Panel : Please sign in/up to view this image/link

    Regis bsa pake _M / _F ato lewat CP

    Donlot : Please sign in/up to view this image/link
    Forum : Please sign in/up to view this image/link

    Client recommended : kRO Lastest ( Hint : idRO jg jln, tp minimal sampe Veins )

  11. RayZenxzz Pra TK Level 1

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    Trophy Points:
    FeelRo - Feeling the game. Keeping the balance.

    We are glad to present you the young, but yet amazing server. Please, feel welcome to experience and enjoy this wonderful world with us. Feel RO team works hard and we keep our eyes on everything, including game balance, stability, safety and beauty of this game for every member to enjoy. Join us now - feel RO!

    Our priority is balance
    We do customize this game, but we also carefully consider all the customizations we make.
    Our methods are unique
    If we add a script - our programmers write it themselves. If we add an item - our designer paints it.
    We strive for player's interest
    We clearly realize the specificity of mid-rate servers and explore every possibility to introduce life and joy to this game.
    We feel RO.

    -Maximum level 99\70
    -Maximum stat 99
    -Unique designer's palettes and sprites
    -Dedicated quest team
    -Unique custom monsters
    -Professional GM Team
    -Latest episode
    -100% Server Availability

    We managed to do all this and host a very stable server without any lags not without the help of the latest technologies. Our server configuration is:

    -AMD Athlon 64 X2 6000+ Dual Core
    -6 GB DDR2 RAM
    -2 x 750 GB
    -SATA II
    -Operating system: Linux, openSuSE 10.3

    If you want to learn more about FeelRo - please visit our website: Please sign in/up to view this image/link

    Join us now - FeelRo!

    Rata2 pemain 1100++
  12. kanou 2 SD Level 2

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    Trophy Points:
    Burn RO

    10% Cards
    1% for MVP Card Droprate in the MVP Room)
    Max. Levels: 255/150
    Max. ASPD: 196
    Max. Stat: 250

    6:00 server time on Thursday & Saturday
    19:00 Server time to 20:00 on Wednesday & Sunday
    More WoE time will be added once our population has risen

    Healer: ada
    Skill Resetter: ada
    Stat Resetter: ada
    Job Changer: ada
    Platinum Skill NPC: ada
    Town Warper: ada
    Dungeon Warper: ada
    War of Emperium: ada
    Marriage System: ada
    Same-Sex Marriage: Oh no
    Adoption System: ada
    MVP Arena: ada
    Weekly Tourney/Special WoE prizes: ada
    PvP Ladder/Point System!: ada
    500+ Customs different stats, 100% balanced


    Download Guide:

    Step 1: Download kRO0616 and Sakray0616.

    kRO & Sakray Clients

    Step 2: Install both in the same folder.
    Step 3: Run the kRO Pather and wait until it finishes patching, then run the Sakray Patcher and wait till it finishes as well.

    Step 4: Choose any of the links below and download the BurnRO Installer.

    BurnRO Installer:
    BurnRO Installer

    Step 5: Extract and Install the BurnRO Installer into the same folder as your kRO and Sakray.
    Step 6: Run the BurnRO Patcher and wait till it repacks and finishes.

    Step 7: Register for an account at the Control Panel.
    Step 8: Click the "Start Game" button and you're all set!

    CONGRATULATIONS and WELCOME to the BurnRO Server!

    - Make sure that BurnRO is the only server in your kRO and Sakray folder else it may cause problems if another server is installed in the same folder.
    - If any problems occur, please don't hesitate to contact any members of the GM Staff over at the forums for help.

    INI DLNYA >>> Please sign in/up to view this image/link

    WEBNYA >>> Please sign in/up to view this image/link
  13. DJanzok 4 SD Banned

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    Trophy Points:
    Private Server Ragnarok- www.katrag.com -
    buat yang demen maen ragnarok private server.
    server di amrik.jadi rada2 patah2 pas jam 10malem sampe 5pagi
    Rates : 3000exp 3000job
    Max Base lvl : 255
    Max Job lvl : 70
    Episode : 13
    buat regis langsung di webnya www.katrag.com
    buat download pilih di bagian download bisa pake idro tapi gax di sarankan.
    download bagian sakray ,kro. kalo uda punya donlot bagian setup.
    untuk patch tiap x akan di taro di bagian donlot jadi sering2 buka kalo gax bisa masuk ke game yah.

    buat lebih lanjut di Please sign in/up to view this image/link
    selamat mencoba-
  14. zeusRO Belum Sekolah Level 1

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    Trophy Points:
    Game Info
    Malaysia > Pulau Pinang
    New server [13 November 2008]
    Base Exp : 888x
    Job Exp : 888x
    Max level : 255
    Max HP : 100,000,000 (if you can reach)
    Max SP : 100,000,000 (if you can reach)
    Max Stats : 300
    Monster HP : 120%
    MVP HP : 500%
    Item Drop Rate : 100x
    Card Drop Rate : 15x
    Equipment Drop Rate : 10x

    Please sign in/up to view this image/link = website
    Please sign in/up to view this image/link = Control Pane
    Please sign in/up to view this image/link = Forum
  15. ganjsmoke Belum Sekolah Level 1

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    Trophy Points:
    Rebirth RO

    Server Information

    Server Specifications:
    Our servers run on top-of-the-line Intel processors, lots of memory, award-winning Linux software + 100 Mbit line, what more could you need?

    Our rates are ( Mid Rate Server 100/100/20 ) & ( Low Rate Server 5/5/3 )

    War of Emperium:
    We also feature this event which is a major part of most private servers.
    WoE times are Wensday and Saturday, 21:00PM-23:00PM GMT +01:00

    New Hairstyles:
    The 4 new hairstyles have been added, which look awesome!

    Extra Clothes Palettes:
    4 different clothes colors is not enough. At RebirthRO you can do the stylist quest to choose from 77 different clothes colors.

    Marriages and Adoption:
    You can find NPCs for this in the Prontera Church!

    New Cards:
    The new kRO cards have been implemented and 99% are working.

    Transendant Jobs:
    A variety of jobs based on kRO such as: Lord Knight, High Priest, High Wizard, Whitesmith, Sniper, Assassin Cross, Champion, Creator, Stalker, Clown, Gypsy.

    New Jobs:
    We have added TaeKwon, Soul Linker, Star Gladior, Gunslinger, Ninja

    New Maps:
    The new towns from kRO have been added including the Airship, Einbroch, Lighthalzen, Biolabs, Abyss, Thanatos Dungeons!

    Public Commands:
    For public commands type @commands ingame

    Official Donation FAQ

    Welcome, welcome. This thread is to hopefully resolve any questions you may have that occurs frequently. These questions are based off of the most recurring questions I've come across in the donation sub-forum. If you feel the need to inform me of a question you think should be added, please feel free to post or PM me.

    If you need to search a question faster, press ctrl + F and type in a keyword, such as "scammed" and click next. The finder will search for those words on this page. It may make your search a little easier. The questions are in order as follows:

    What does the Angra Manyu do?
    What does the Ahura Mazda do?
    What can you tell me about the Max Class Ticket?
    What do the donation items do/look like?
    What items should I buy?
    My friend doesn't want his/her donations anymore. Can you trade them to my account?
    Hey, why can't we trade donation items anyway? We paid for them!
    I don't want my donation item anymore. Can I trade it for something else?
    I chose the wrong item! What do I do?
    I didn't get my credits/donation item. What do I do?
    I just deleted my donation item. How do I get it back?
    I got scammed! Can I get my items back?
    How do I use Chronopay get credits?
    What types of cards does Chronopay accept?
    My card keeps getting rejected by Chronopay. What's the deal?
    Wait, you keep mention PayPal. I thought you couldn't use PayPal?
    Why doesn't Syphon use PayPal all the time, anyway?
    Where can I find a good conversion calculator for the currency I use?
    How much is a euro?
    How much is a credit?

    What does the Angra Manyu do?
    The Angra Manyu is a weapon that on iRO is originally only released to GMs. However, on this server it is available for public use for the small price of 10 euros. The Angra boots your ATK up +3800, causing at least 3000 damage per hit on some monsters (but not all, though it does significant damage on ALL monsters). It also will heal you for damage you've caused to the monster. If you hit a monster for 1756 damage, you are in turn healed for 1756 hit points. This weapon is a mace-type weapon and can be wielded by all classes, but cannot be duel wielded by assassin classes. It has four slots. This item cannot be used in PvP or WoE.

    What does the Ahura Mazda do?
    The Ahura Mazda is an interesting shield, equippable by all classes. Some debate is risen on the exact function of the shield, but it does provide superior defense (up to 80% (and apparently only against demi humans)) and does reflect damage on monsters that attack you while you are wearing it, though not all the time. It is especially handy against demi-humans, and great for leveling in biolabs. It does not contain any slots. This item cannot be used in PvP or WoE.

    What can you tell me about the max class ticket?
    The Max Class Ticket allows a player to choose any class in the game and that character will have level 255/120, and all stats will be 255. Donated Max Class characters cannot participate in WoE.

    What do the donation items do/look like?
    Faranton spent hours on an excellent guide to the look/use of donation items. The post is image heavy, so it may take a while to load on slower connections. You can find the post here.

    What items should I buy?
    There are a couple guides or more on suggestions of what to purchase to make a good character. You can find the guides mixed up in this subforum. Remember, these are suggestions from other players; they are by no means guarantees on anything. It's up to YOU to make a truly good character.

    My friend doesn't want his/her donations anymore. Can you trade them to my account?
    While we have done this in the past, the rules have changed. Donation transfers will not be done 3 days past the purchase of an item, just like if you were to exchange a donation item. The reason why is it is very risky to take items off accounts that may have been scammed, and also because donations were made non-tradeable by Syphon for a reason. No longer can/will we do donation transfers.

    Hey, why can't we trade donation items anyway? We paid for them!
    Once upon a time, donation items were tradeable. However, as the server population went up, so did the scams. People were scammed out of their donation items and Syphon heard the brunt of it. Players wanting reimbursed for items they were scammed out of. Getting angry because they could get items back they paid for. So now that isn't an option. Items are bound to the account.

    I don't want my donation item anymore. Can I trade it for something else?
    Exchanges can be made within three (3) days. After the three-day period, you cannot exchange your donation item. You are stuck with it forever, until the end of time. Feel free, however, to donate for the item you wish to exchange it for. Then you'll have both. =)

    I chose the wrong item! What do I do?
    You MUST make a post on the forums detailing your problem within THREE (3) days of the purchase of the item. Please don't just post "I need help." Tell us what happened, why it happened, what you need, etc; basically all the information you can give us, other than anything private, of course. A GM will try to respond as quickly as possible, we will get in contact with you, and when the problem is solved, your topic will be closed. Please be patient in awaiting your response. Don't freak out that GMs haven't seen your post in 3 days. The time stamp on your post is enough to prove that you attempted to contact us within 3 days.

    I didn't get my credits/donation item. What do I do?
    Don't panic. This is what you need to do to ensure your credits or donation item gets to you.


    First, obtain a copy of your receipt (if it was through Chronopay or PayPal, then your receipt will be in your e-mail inbox. If it's not there, check your junk mail box). I cannot stress enough how important it is to keep your receipts for everything purchased online. Make a separate folder to keep them in. You never know when you may need them later. Screenshot your receipt or keep it handy in case you may need to forward it. If possible (or if needed), screenshot your bank statement, highlighting your purchase, but feel free to black out the important parts.

    Second, you MUST make a post on the forums detailing your problem. Please don't just post "I need help." Tell us what happened, why it happened, what you need, etc; basically all the information you can give us, other than anything private, of course.

    Third, patiently wait until you receive a response. Your problem may not be solved overnight.

    This is the best method I can ensure you in obtaining your items. Best of luck to you.

    I just deleted my donation item. How do I get it back?
    According to the terms and conditions you agreed to before purchasing your item, items deleted will NOT be reimbursed. This is a player error and will not be compensated for. PLEASE make sure you take everything off of a character before you delete it.

    I got scammed! Can I get my items back?
    Every time you log onto RO, you get that big green message that says to NEVER give out your password. Credit selling and buying is at your own risk. ONLY buy from people you trust. Because you willingly gave out your password, your items will not be given back. Please make sure you make a secure password and NEVER give it out to ANYONE!

    How do I use Chronopay get credits?
    There is a walkthrough guide for Chronopay here.
    (Thanks to darklord782 for this guide!)

    What types of cards does Chronopay accept?
    Chronopay itself accepts several different cards. However, for Rebirth it is only sent to accept American Express, Visa, and Mastercard. No other type of card is accepted at this time.

    My card keeps getting rejected by Chronopay. What's the deal?
    Contrary to popular belief, the GMs nor Syphon have any control over what Chronopay will or will not accept. Chronopay is a separate website apart from RebirthRagnarok and in no way shape or form can any of Rebirth's GM team force Chronopay to accept your credit/debit card. It is up to you to contact your bank to see if they can do a manual transaction or to check to see if your funds are sufficient or if you have a limit on your card to prevent online shopping (this does exist). If it is out of the bank's hands, please do not hesitate to contact Chronopay's customer service at www.chronopay.com . They will be more than happy to help you. Alternatively, several people have had success using an All-Access Visa Gift Card, obtainable at some grocery stores, Wal-Mart, Walgreens, or anywhere gift cards may be sold.

    Wait, you keep mentioning PayPal. I thought you couldn't use PayPal?
    Normally, no. But every so often Syphon will announce in-game that he is accepting a certain amount of PayPal donations. That is your chance to add him to your MSN list ([email protected]) and let him know you wish to donate there. PLEASE DO NOT BEG HIM TO LET YOU USE PAYPAL WHEN HE DOES NOT ANNOUNCE IT.

    Why doesn't Syphon use PayPal all the time, anyway?
    There are a couple of reasons, but the main being that he had not so great an experience with PayPal and would rather not stick with it in the long run.

    Where can I find a good conversion calculator for the currency I use?
    Doing a simple Google search will pull up many, many calculators, but the one I use is: www.xe.com/ucc/ .

    How much is a euro?
    Please see the above question.

    How much is a credit?
    1 credit = 1 euro. For conversions, please see above.

    This is it for now, I may not have covered all of the frequently asked questions, but I'm always willing to update. I have personally donated to this server and have used Chronopay and work at a grocery store that used Western Union, so please feel free to ask any questions if you like. Also, Any of the GMs will be more than willing to help.

    Best of luck to you all; enjoy your donation items!

    Also, in the future, I plan to model some donation items and post them in here, but that may take me a couple weeks or so. Keep looking back, and suggestions are always appreciated.

    For Register and Download
    Visit : www.RebirthRO.com

  16. kanou 2 SD Level 2

    Likes Received:
    Trophy Points:

    General Information

    * Base Exp: 1000
    * Job Exp: 1000
    * Item Drop Rate: 100
    * Card Drop Rate: 100 (All cards drop at 1%)
    * Max Base Level: 99
    * Max Job Level: 50/70
    * Max Stats: 99

    Server Specs

    * Dual Intel Xeon 2.8ghz (Dual Core)
    * 4GB RAM
    * 3x 120GB HDD's in a RAID5
    * FreeBSD 6.2 (Operating System)
    * 100Mbit Internet Connection (OC192 Backbone)


    * Healer
    * Warper
    * Stylist
    * Job Master
    * Resetter
    * Platinum Skills
    * Custom Headgear NPCs
    * Exchanger NPC: Exchange coins for prizes

    Events/Mini Games

    * Endless Tower
    * Devil's Square
    * Zombie Invasion
    * Russian Roulette
    * Monster Spawning Events [MvPs and such]

    Other Info

    * Homunculus-MirAI and other bots allowed
    * PvP Ladder: Every week Top PvPer will get a prize
    * King Of Emperium: Win Coins which can be exchanged for prizes from the Prize NPC in pront

    webSiTe : battlero.co.cc
    DL pactH : Please sign in/up to view this image/link [tinggal pilih yg mana Up 2 u]
    PoruM : Please sign in/up to view this image/link
    daptar Please sign in/up to view this image/link
    clue untuk yg mao coba kl dah DL delete / cut folder data d ro anda lalu
    buka data [data.ini]
    ubah jd
    Server Terbaru tahun ini 2009
    Masih beTa n Sepi.....
  17. VodkaMartini 1 SMP Level 2

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    Trophy Points:
    Forsaken RO

    Server Info
    # Base: 6000x
    # Job: 6000x
    # Drops: 100% (MvP/Miniboss cards drop at 10%)
    # Uptime: 24/7
    # Open WoE castles: Valkyrie (prtg_cas03)
    # PvP Maps: Normal Room (accesable to anyone) Non-Donation Room (Donation gears not allowed)
    # Player Kill: Enabled
    (tp ada beberapa item drop yg dihilangkan such as gold, gokurin, etc)

    Main Features:
    * Stylist: Customize your character even further with over 500+ clothes palletes, 30+ hairstyles and 100+ hair colors!
    * Valkyrie Exchanger: Change the color of your Valkyrie Helm to one of your liking. It's free and safe!
    * Ticket Exchanger: Save your Berries, Seeds and EDPs in a comfortable way and allow yourself to trade lots of them!
    * Broadcaster: Let the server know you're buying, selling or trading an item or simply look for your friends with it!
    * Universal Rental: All the possible rentals in one NPC!
    * Warp Agent: Warp yourself anywhere!
    * Stat Reset: Change your stats anytime! Trial and error make a good option to come with creative and strong builds.
    * @commands: Type @commands for a full list of player commands. These commands enable players to inform themselves about mobs and drops.
    * Events: ForsakenRO offers daily events for our players to obtain powerful gear. Not only that, but also Event prizes (Event coupons) Anyone dedicate enough can become someone in ForsakenRO!

    * Custom Quests: ForsakenRO periodically adds new innovative quests to keep their userbase entertained. Items obtained from said quests are highly usable for everyone!
    * Custom Headgears: Customize your character with even more variety! These items also offer neat effects for use in PvP!
    * Custom Fields and mobs: 6 original fields filled with mobs that you've never seen before!
    * Custom Hometown: A treasured memory for old school RO players. Old Payon is back with new NPCs!
    * Custom Subclass: Become an elite of your class and gain access to power beyond your wildest dreams!
    * Custom Skill mods: Skills have been redone to match the expectations ofa high rate server. Any class can participate at their fullest at PvP/WoE!

    Forum: forum.forsaken-ro.net
    Main Site : forsaken-ro.net
  18. kanou 2 SD Level 2

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    Trophy Points:

    DOWNLOAD cLient Please sign in/up to view this image/link

    All Max Lv 99/70
    Home town Prontera
    Gm active
    Full event
    No LaG

    €” Server €”


    MAYU [ Register Please sign in/up to view this image/link 20++ OL ]
    !commands aja

    Souled Out [ Register Please sign in/up to view this image/link 50++ OL ]
    @commands aja

    Viper [ Register Please sign in/up to view this image/link 35++ OL ]

    Blacklist [ Register Please sign in/up to view this image/link 70++ ]
    !commands aja

    Winkz [ Register Please sign in/up to view this image/link 35++ OL ]
    commands unknow pas wa coba GE

    TREXA [ Register Please sign in/up to view this image/link 25++ OL ]

    Cupid [ timed out ]

    Zephionne [ timed out ]

    Vampire [ timed out ]

    Shadowx [ Register Please sign in/up to view this image/link register 20++ OL ]
    !commands aja

    Nexotre [ timed out ]

    Utopianz test [ timed out ]


    Ntar PM gue Main yg d Mana binggung gue :smiley_beer:
  19. eVoL TK 0 Besar Banned

    Likes Received:
    Trophy Points:

    Rate : 1000000000x semuanya

    PVP : pasti
    Custom mall : lengkap
    Bahasa : Inggris
    Banyak Custom item nya

    Hampir sama kyk GenocideRo



    daftar tinggal _M dan _F

    sangat mudah

    cari mc tinggal kill poring, krna poring drop 3 mc

    server 24/7

    klo mu download di forum:
    Please sign in/up to view this image/link

    klo mau lagsung download di:
    Please sign in/up to view this image/link

    mirror nya di
    Please sign in/up to view this image/link

    Selamat Maen yuhhh

    hehehehe :hilarious:
  20. kanou 2 SD Level 2

    Likes Received:
    Trophy Points:
    Ryujin Ragnarok Online.
    CLOSED BETA AT 01 Jan 2009

    Server Info:
    Server Uptime: 24/7
    No Lag Server
    Server Rates: 3k/3k/100
    Drop 100% normal card 100% MVP card 30%

    € Novice = 99
    € 1st Job = 99
    € 2-1st Job = 99
    € 2-2nd Job = 99
    € Super Novice = 99
    € Baby = 99
    € Trancedent = 99
    € Ninja = 99
    € Gunslinger = 99
    € Novice = 10
    € 1st Job = 50
    € 2-1st Job = 50
    € 2-2nd Job = 50
    € Super Novice = 70
    € Baby = 50
    € High Novice = 10
    € 1st High Job = 50
    € 2nd High Job = 70
    € Ninja = 50
    € Gunslinger = 50

    In-Game Commands:
    € @autoloot [0-100]
    Enables/disables autolooting
    from killed mobs using the
    percentage system.

    € @alootid [item_name or item_id]
    Enables/disables autolooting
    from killed mobs using the
    item name or item id.

    € @autotrade
    Enable your characted to vend while offline.

    € @warp [map_name x y]
    Warp yourself to a certain map,
    at (x,y) coordinates

    € @time
    Give the server exact time.

    € @showzeny
    Show how much you earned zennies from mobs.

    € @showexp
    Show how much experience you received when you killed a mob.

    € @shopsearch [item_name or item_id]
    Find an item, equipment or usable that are vend by vendors.

    € @duel
    Creat a duel.

    € @invite
    Invite someone to duel.

    € @accept
    Accept a duel invite.

    € @leave
    Leave in a duel.

    € @reject
    Reject a duel invite.

    CP Please sign in/up to view this image/link
    DL Please sign in/up to view this image/link

    ITEM MALL d gedung kiri Prontera tengaH
    kl wat char jgn pakek rambut baru dulu ntar dtolak ma server

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